You won't know all the new faculty and staff without a scorecard, so we're providing a list of the new people you should get out and meet.

New Faculty

• Sonia N. Aziz - Assistant Professor of Economics
• Bernado J. Canteñs - Associate Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair
• Sun B. Chung - Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science
• Silva Emiliani-Mowrey - Visiting Instructor of Italian
• Janice Farber - Instructor of Nursing
• Christie L. Gilson - Assistant Professor of Education
• Karen Groller - Instructor of Nursing
• Axel Hildebrandt - Assistant Professor of German
• Joy Ondra Hirokawa - Visiting Instructor of Music
• Donna M. Keller - Instructor of Nursing
• Virginia Adams O'Connell -- Assistant Professor of Sociology
• Jason H. Radine - Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion
• Christopher Shorr - Visiting Assistant Professor of Theater Arts
• Jennifer A. Specht - Assistant Professor of Nursing
• Michael Werner - Visiting Instructor of History
• Gary R. Wright - Visiting Assistant Professor of Management

New Administrators/Staff

• Kathy Atkinson - Health Center Secretary
• Tom Klepiesz - Assistant Director of Admissions
• Dereck Lesko '98 – Senior Information Technology Analyst
• Theresa (Terri) Seifert '97 - Coordinator, The Learning Connection (TLC) Mentoring  Program
• Kristen Nivison - Coordinator of Community Service
• David G. Schappert - Library Director
• Kerry SethiInternational Studies Director
• Wesley Moser '08Information Technology Analyst
Vicki Warminsky - Police Officer
• Matthew Yencha - Associate Director of Plant Operations

New Faculty/Administrators

• Naomi GalInstructor of Multidisciplinary Studies and Assistant to the Director of International

Interim Staff Assignments

• Jennifer Perreault '06- Interim Chaplain for Pastoral Care
• Christie and David Melby-Gibbons s Interim Chaplains for Campus Worship
• Lisa Parrish - Interim Director of Student Activities (until Holly Nonnemacher returns)