Reception to mark opening of annual H. Paty Eiffe Exhibition begins at 10:30 a.m.

"Eye Wish," Art Work by Linda Ganus, will be on display
October 14 through November 10 in the HUB. Linda Ganus is the featured artist of the H. Paty Eiffe Invitational Series.

Moravian College Homecoming 2008 features a special event that friends, colleagues, and former students of Paty Eiffe won’t want to miss. Paty will be the guest of honor on Saturday, October 18, when the H. Paty Eiffe Gallery Endowment Fund will be dedicated in Haupert Union at 11:00 a.m., following a 10:30 a.m. reception.

Opening of "Eye Wish," Art Work
by Linda Ganus

The festivities also will honor Linda Ganus, featured artist of the annual H. Paty Eiffe Invitational Series and Moravian College
artist-lecturer. Her work is engaged with "uncanny narratives," often presenting recognizable images in unexpected ways.
"I am passionately interested in the interdependence of our senses," said Linda.
"I want the viewer to be physically as well as mentally aware of his or her own sense memories; of the endlessness of the mind as it moves back and forth from the past to the present." The H. Paty Eiffe exhibition "Eye Wish," featuring the work of Linda Ganus runs October 14 through November 10 in the HUB.

Endowment Fund Presentation

The H. Paty Eiffe Gallery Endowment Fund celebrates the 45th anniversary of H. Paty Eiffe’s arrival at Moravian College. Paty Eiffe, a former director of student activities and of the Haupert Union, was a beloved colleague and mentor to many alumni. When she retired in 1995, funds were raised to establish the H. Paty Eiffe Gallery in Haupert Union in Paty’s honor. Spearheaded by Bettie Smolansky, professor of sociology, and Bertie Knisely, director of leadership giving, the new endowment fund aims to ensure ongoing financial support for the Gallery and its related activities.

The fund has already surpassed its minimum goal of $25,000, thanks to the generous support of alumni and friends. Additional gifts are encouraged before (and after) the dedication on October 18. To make a contribution in honor of H. Paty Eiffe and provide ongoing support for the Gallery, please make checks payable to Moravian College, with instructions to use for the H. Paty Eiffe Gallery endowment fund. Mail to: Development Office, Moravian College, 1200 Main St., Bethlehem, PA 18018. Or, donate online at https://secure.moravian.edu/dev/donation.asp.