In October, President Thomforde spoke to members of the Sustainability Task Force, requesting that the group establish a list of guiding principles and goals. Photo by John Kish IV.

Bolstered by President Thomforde's April signing of the Talloires Declaration affirming Moravian's commitment to sustainability, a $40,000 grant from the Soden family, and a new Campus Land Use and Facilities Master Plan, sustainability is gaining momentum at Moravian College.

"It is absolutely crucial for the long-term health of Moravian College to be involved with these issues," said President Thomforde at a recent meeting of the Sustainability Task Force, a group representing faculty members, students, and staff. The Sustainability Task Force formed in 2007, initiated by student Elyse Jurgen '07 and developed by senior Chiu Cheng, as a way to involve all campus constituencies—students and faculty members alike—in environmental initiatives.

Last summer, President Thomforde tapped Frank Kuserk, professor of biology, to lead the group, ensuring continuity while adding administrative support. "He advised me that sustainability is not just the task of one committee, but of everyone on campus," said Frank. "To accomplish our objectives, faculty members, administrators, students, technology staff, facilities, and support staff all must be involved."

At an October meeting, President Thomforde provided further direction. "I’d like this committee to think about what our guiding principles should be—what is special or unique to the Moravian plan for sustainability?" President Thomforde asked. "Keep in mind that we are an educational institution, and that our college population changes each year, so our framework will guide those who follow us."

Dr. Thomforde challenged the group to create a list of guiding principles, assessment of its current status, five-year goals, and lines of accountability. The information—a strategic plan for sustainability, in essence—will help Moravian determine how best to allocate resources for the greening of Moravian over the coming years.