Research and Publications

Christopher Jones, associate professor of biology, was a co-author of a paper published in the October 31 issue of Science. "Undergraduate Research: Genomics Education Partnership" offers an inclusive model for undergraduate experiences, with students pooling their work to contribute to international databases. The innovative project, a collaborative teaching initiative, represents an exciting opportunity for Moravian students and the Moravian science program.

Conferences and Presentations

Diane Husic, chair and professor of biology, co-authored a paper selected for presentation at the Sixth Eastern Native Grass Symposium ("Eastern Native Grasslands: Managing an Ecosystem on the Edge") held in Columbia, S.C., October 7-10. The paper, "The Use of Native Grasses at the Palmerton Superfund Site," was co-authored by Dan Kunkle, John Dickerson, and Diane Husic, and presented by Dickerson. It will be published in the conference proceedings; the paper includes Husic's work with three SOAR students at the Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge.

In October, Diane Husic co-facilitated the Fourth Annual NCAA Division II FAR (Faculty Athletics Representative) Fellows Leadership Institute. She developed the program with Lynne Kaplan of Lynne Kaplan Associates and grant funds from NCAA. Each NCAA member institution has a designated FAR who helps ensure the integrity of the intercollegiate athletics program and quality of the student-athlete experience. This Division II program aims to clarify the role, enhance communication and leadership skills, and consider the role of FARs in supporting NCAA Division II Strategic Plan at the campus, conference, and national levels. This year, the program also emphasized themes of community engagement, game environment, and student life skill development, as well. A brief story appeared in The NCAA News.

Essays, Articles, and Other Publications

A long essay, "We Empathize, Therefore We Are: Toward a Moral Neuropolitics," by Gary Olson, professor of political science, is the featured article in the November issue of Neuropolitics.

John Rossi, III, associate professor of accounting, wrote an article, "IFRS for Private Enterprises," for the upcoming Winter 2009 issue of Pennsylvania CPA Journal.

Sarah Johnson, assistant professor of psychology, and Dana Dunn, professor of psychology, both published reviews in the October 2008 issue of the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. Johnson reviewed the book Does Consciousness Cause Behavior?, which examines when behavior is intentional and when it is automatic. Dunn wrote two reviews. The first compares and contrasts two new textbooks on positive psychology (A Primer in Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology: The Scientific and Practical Explorations of Human Strengths). The second review was co-authored with Clint Brody '09, who was Dunn's SOAR student during summer 2007. Brody and Dunn reviewed an edited book on Implicit Measures of Attitudes, a work exploring methodologies for assessing attitudes people may not be aware they possess (e.g., latent racism).

An article by Mark Will-Weber, adjunct instructor for writing, appeared in the October 31, 2008, issue of The New York Times. "A Look Back at the 1911 Running Scene" discusses a predecessor of the New York City Marathon, a modified (12-mile) marathon held in Manhattan in 1911.

Other News

In t he article "Credit Card Woes Coming to a Head" in The Morning Call, November 10, 2008, John Rossi, III, associate professor of accounting, was quoted concerning consumers' dependency on credit cards.

Francis Ryan, assistant professor of history, appeared on two segments of Channel 69 News November 5 to discuss the election results.

Dana Dunn, professor of psychology, recently visited the campus of Transylvania University, a liberal arts and sciences institution in Lexington, Ky. Dunn was invited to conduct a review of the psychology program with special attention to curricular issues, faculty development, and assessment matters.

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