Programs coming on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and more—designed to meet your needs

In the classroom or at your desk—immersed in computer files and paperwork—you often lose track of time. When you finally notice, you realize another day has passed and you haven't exercised, or had a decent (i.e., nutritious) meal. Lower your cholesterol? Well, maybe next week.

Moravian College's new Personal Wellness program wants to help you change that by offering classes designed to meet your needs and schedule.

A Wellness Committee is forming to spearhead the effort, and anyone may join: faculty members, support staff, administrators, north and south campus. The Committee will partner with the College's health insurance carrier, Highmark Blue Shield, and its Preventative Health Services to offer targeted wellness programs, such as healthy nutrition, healthy cooking, cholesterol reduction, blood pressure management, diabetes prevention, a walking program, stretching and flexibility, and smoking cessation.

Involving employees with personal wellness has multiple benefits, notes Carol Meixell, assistant director of human resources. Healthier employees are happier and more productive. Plus, having healthy employees helps keep down insurance costs for the College.

The first step? Take the Employee Wellness Survey. "Let us know what health initiatives are important to you," says Carol. "Share your ideas. Better yet, consider serving on the Wellness Committee."

To rate your interest in possible programs and time offerings, please take the Moravian College Employee Wellness Survey. The survey will take only 2-3 minutes, and you'll automatically be entered into a prize raffle. On the survey, you also may express interest in serving on the Wellness Committee.