Carpenters Elliott Bayo (far left) and Kevin Haas (far right) received Impact Awards from Vice-Presidents Frank Crouch and Dennis Domchek for averting a potential disaster on campus.

Detail-oriented by nature, good carpenters tend to be cautious whether measuring a construction site or assessing a situation. That caution and awareness proved very valuable to Moravian College recently, when carpenters Elliott Bayo and Kevin Haas, both with Facilities Management, Planning, and Construction, prevented a potential disaster on campus.

Elliott and Kevin were passing the Alumni garage, when they noticed a large pine tree split down the center of the trunk, apparently from high winds. The duo stopped to investigate, then reported the damage. The tree was found to be hollow inside, with only 3 inches of exterior wood keeping the tree standing. Because no holes showed on the outside of the tree, the dangerous situation previously had gone unnoticed.

Bayo and Haas received a Vice-Presidents' Impact Award for their actions. "If the tree would have fallen—which it was very close to doing—it would have caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage, possibly affecting neighbors' property, power lines, and even potentially causing fatalities," said Vice Presidents Dennis Domchek and Frank Crouch, who nominated the men for the award. "If ever there was a single issue that saved the College money and aggravation, this would be it."