To protect personal and Moravian data, and to prevent the use of Moravian assets to attack other computers and institutions, the College and Seminary have established a new network log-on password policy for students, staff, and faculty.

On April 15, 2009, Moravian will implement its new campus-wide network password policy, which will require you to change your log-on password every 182 days. You will need to change your password on April 15 if you have not changed it within the past 182 days. Your 182-day clock will reset each time you change your password. 

As your network password expiration date approaches, you will receive e-mail and log-on reminders to reset it. You can do this from any Windows computer in your office, public lab/classroom, or from off-campus. To reset your password, go to AMOS: Administrative Services, CIT, Computer Support, Password Reset, then follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Register. Register your personal information on the Registration link. (You only need to do this one time.)
  • Step 2. Reset. Reset your password at the Password Reset Assistant link.

Note: This will not reset your AMOS, Blackboard, or Jenzabar EX passwords. Check your e-mail for additional information and links to the new network password policy and registration and reset utility.

Thank you and Safe Computing,
Stephen McKinney
Director, Center for Information Technology