Amos the Greyhound Getting a Makeover

Team mascots should be seen and heard, but easygoing Amos the Greyhound sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Starting this spring, watch Amos come alive with energy and a bright, new look to match. Marty Moyle, Athletics Department secretary (who often gets under Amos's "skin"), recently attended a mascot boot camp held at Kutztown University, led by Dave Raymond, the original Phillie Phanatic, and Chris Bruce, also known as Reggy, the Purple Party Dude for Minor League Baseball.

"We learned choreography, proper hydration, costume care—and anything else necessary to bring the character to life," said Moyle. "It was an eye-opening experience." Amos graduated Mascot First Class. Having a recognizable personality and costume are essential because a mascot also promotes the College, she added. Amos soon will sport a custom-made jersey with his name and number, K-9. Look for him to try out other new apparel at campus events this spring and summer.

A news story featuring the mascot boot camp that Amos (and Marty) attended appeared on CNN and Channel 69 WFMZ-TV in March.