30K in 30 Days:  Will You Answer the Call?

By Scott Heydt '02

Ninety-four percent of Moravian graduates from the Classes of 1998 through 2008 have not made a contribution to the College this fiscal year. That bears repeating: 94% of those who graduated within the last ten years—who benefited from a Moravian education and moved successfully into the professional world—have not contributed monetarily to the College in a year when Moravian needs us most.

The time has come to act. On April 6, 2009, the College announced its newest fundraising challenge—raise $30,000 in 30 days and watch that amount double. The brain-child of the Development Office and supported financially by Moravian trustees Rick Kingston '77 and Priscilla Payne Hurd, the "30K in 30 Days Challenge" matches every contribution by a young alumnus dollar for dollar. Proceeds benefit the Moravian Fund, which supports instruction, learning resources, student services, and unrestricted financial aid.

It's time for all alumni to give back. I say this not as a member of the Moravian Alumni Board, but as a young alumnus developing my career and financial future just like you. Size of contribution is not the issue. Participation matters. The first gift is always the hardest, but knowing it will double the moment you give and benefit future Greyhounds is a unique feeling. 

Phones will be ringing and e-mail inboxes will be lighting up with reminders about this initiative until midnight of May 6 when the challenge expires. Will you answer the call?

For more information and a video, visit www.moravian.edu and click on the "30/30 Challenge" icon in the top right corner.


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