Storming the HILL: Freshmen Make New Building "Home"

Spirits were high despite steady rain last Friday, August 28, as freshmen staked their turf inside the new HILL (Hurd Integrated Living and Learning). Carrying boxes, blankets, and bicycles, the thirty-one freshmen and their parents quickly transformed the recently completed six-story structure into what will be the students' home and community for the next several years. In total, 231 students will occupy the building.

The move-in went smoothly. "Of course, we had a couple of small but predictable glitches—the kind of thing that always happens when you open a new building," said Nicole Loyd, dean of student life. "The students just rolled with it, and were all extremely positive and very happy to be there."

Classes have begun in the HILL's four classrooms. Two are living and learning classrooms that freshmen attend; others are state-of-the-art environments for learning graphic arts, music, and more.

Watch Channel 69 TV News coverage of the move-in and see the HILL here.