Moravian Communications Go Viral

In the digital age, news travels fast. Anyone with access to a computer has the potential to not only read news, but also make it by reporting events and sharing viewpoints online through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Members of the Moravian College community—faculty members, students, alumni, and friends—now can gather online to find out the latest Moravian College news and voice their own views. Join our rapidly growing online fan club on Facebook. The site includes two Facebook fan pages, one for athletics and one for non-sports news and events. Contribute to the buzz on Twitter. Also look for Twitter "tweets" on Moravian athletics.

"Social marketing offers opportunities to gain awareness and reinforce our branding, promote content, get fast feedback, and find new audiences—while creating a viral marketing environment," said Michael Wilson, director of public relations and marketing. "Our goal is to promote the College by sharing news, events, photos, and other information to various constituencies to generate increased interest, pride, and support of the College and its programs and activities.

"Using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr offers a low cost method for increasing direct and interactive communication with people who have an interest in the College."