PAWS for Your Health

We all want to be healthy—slim down, shape up, eat right—but somehow, other priorities too often get in the way. Now, PAWS (Promoting Active Wellness Sustainability) is here to help you attain your health goals.

The new cross-campus wellness committee is preparing to launch several exciting, free programs for the Moravian community, based on results of the survey sent earlier this year. In January, for instance, expect to hear about the Vegetable of Fruit of the Month along with easy recipes. Also look for an upcoming "Maintain, Don't Gain" program.

All members of the Moravian community may participate: faculty members, emeriti, students, administrators, and staff. "We want the Moravian community to get excited about their health," says PAWS co-chair Sylvia Doyle, director of corporate and donor relations. "The message is that small changes can make a big difference." The committee of twelve core members is co-chaired by Carol Meixell, assistant director of human resources.

The committee's mission is to provide support to the Moravian community to make personal lifetime lifestyle choices that promote health, fitness, and wellness.