Countdown to Copenhagen

Moravian students and other representatives of the Moravian community gathered last evening, December 2, for a "mock Copenhagen negotiation" workshop conducted by Professors Diane Husic, chair of biological sciences, and Hilde Binford, associate professor of music. The session was one of the final preparations the group will make before they depart for the world meeting on climate change in Copenhagen, December 7-18. In the mock negotiations, participants worked toward reaching consensus on carbon emission caps, deforestation, timeframes, and other international issues associated with climate change.

The Moravian delegation to the United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) includes three faculty members (Professors Husic and Binford, as well as Eva Leeds, associate professor of economics and business), seven undergraduate students, and ten alumni and friends of the college.

"Scientifically and academically speaking, this conference will set the stage for future progressive energy polices and environmental equity globally," said Sarabeth Brockley '10, one of the student participants. "Student participation at COP 15, especially from a small school like Moravian College, sends a message to political leaders to take action."

Alumni participants include Jaime Marks '04, senior associate PricewaterhouseCoopers; James Zaremski '95, investigator with the U.S. Department of the Treasury; Jeremy Sawruk '03, programmer, Lucent; Sarah Ahlgren '02, policy administrative assistant, K&L GATES; Susan Gangwere McCabe, curator, Henry Ford Estate, University of Michigan-Dearborn; and Terry-Rene Wiesner Brown '94. environmental lands program manager, Pasco Co, Fla. The delegates will have the opportunity to participate first-hand in what could be history-making agreements on the reduction of greenhouse gases; in the creation of international collaborations that lead to innovative clean and sustainable technologies; and in conversations that will consider issues of environmental justice.

Participants will be blogging often, so be sure to check in regularly and watch for updates. Gordon Weil, dean of faculty and vice-president for academic affairs, posted the group's first blog. "The delegation's experiences in Copenhagen will give students a head start in understanding how to become the kind of citizen this world will need more of in the future; the kind of citizen that Moravian College calls its own," said Dean Weil in his post. "Successful democracies demand educated, informed, active citizens. Preparing those citizens is what a liberal education is about." Read more here.