Paper Recycling Update

At the December 3, 2009 meeting of the Sustainability Committee, Andy Anderson, associate director of plant services, announced an important change regarding paper recycling. Effective immediately, virtually all office paper, as well as corrugated cardboard and newspaper, can be recycled in office and classroom buildings. This includes:

  • Envelopes, including those with windows and labels, colored, and/or coated
  • Manila folders
  • Printed computer pages, adding machine tapes, accounting ledgers
  • Mail: letters, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, ads
  • Correspondence: colored sheets, legal pads, loose-leaf pages, receipts, fax sheets, scratch and message pads, copier paper, self-adhesive notes
  • Miscellaneous: posters, carbonless forms, manuals with glued bindings, soft and hardcover books with white pages (limited quantities of books accepted)
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Box cuttings
  • Slip sheets

These materials may be co-mingled in the blue recycling containers. You do NOT need to remove paper clips, staples, rubber bands, tape, adhesive labels, plastic tabs, plastic and wire spirals.

Deposit paper in the blue recycling containers distributed to offices and classroom buildings. (Facilities staff cannot collect recyclables from individual offices.) The recycled paper will be collected once a week.

"If containers start to overflow due to the additional materials that can now be added, call the Facilities Management office and request an additional container," advised Anderson.