Moravian CIT Introduces Campus-Wide Technology Enhancements

Moravian CIT recently introduced several campus-wide technology enhancements in an effort to provide quality technology resources and services to facilitate learning, teaching, research, operations, and quality of life.

Single Password is now operational for Network, McMail, AMOS, and Blackboard log-in. When you log into any of these programs, you will use your network log-in user ID and password. They all use the same user ID and password. If you lock yourself out of one program or forget your network password, you lock yourself out of all four. You can change your network passwords a few ways:   

  • CTRL-ALT-DELETE on a network Windows computer
  • Password Reset utility, but you must first register with the Reset Utility
  • McMail. 

If you lock yourself out of one of  the four programs by incorrectly entering your password 6 times within 22 minutes or if you don't change your password every 184 days in accordance with Moravian's password policy, you will have to change your password to access your account on the four programs.

Internet Bandwidth has increased for public and office users and will increase for ResNET (Residential Network) users. Bandwidth for Classroom, lab, and office users was increased from 20 Mbps to 50 Mbps late December, while bandwidth for ResNET users will increase from the current 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps by the end of January. Moravian has been able to upgrade ResNET bandwidth at the beginning of the spring semester through the support of the USG, which provided funding to improve student quality of life. USG's funding for the spring semester allowed the College to accelerate the upgrade. 

Blackboard 9.1 upgrade and conversion from Blackboard Basic to Blackboard Enterprise is complete.  Blackboard users will experience an improved look and feel and increased functionality. This version and upgrade will provide you with several new or revised features. Appearance of the initial roll-out will be similar to our current version, with a few enhancements. As the semester progresses, we will roll out new features, such as:

  • A new, centralized place for posting documents
  • A revised procedure for posting content
  • Wikis
  • Gradable Discussion Threads
  • More customizing options for the Grade Center
  • Mash-ups (direct connections to You Tube, and Flickr)

Alertus Desktop Emergency Notification is now loaded on all College and Seminary owned Windows computers. When Campus Safety activates an e2Campus alert, Alertus Desktop will display the alert on Moravian-owned computer monitors, when connected to the College's network. This alert pop-up is only available on-campus and can be closed by simply clicking the Acknowledge button. Students may load Alertus Desktop on their Windows personal computers by downloading the program from AMOS, Desktop emergency notification is in addition to our current notification techniques of Siren/PA, e2Campus cellular text message, e2Campus e-mail message, AMOS banner, digital displays, public web page, campus e-mail, and phone broadcast to Moravian  phones.

Track-It Self-Service (available in the near-future) will allow individuals to submit their own technology support requests on-line and track the status of their requests. Auto-emailing is already active and requestors now get an automatic email with details of what action was taken when their ticket is closed.  You also receive a very short electronic survey so that you may provide feedback on your experience.