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News and Notes


An essay entitled, Stripping the Saint: Formation and Transformation in the Cult of St. Mary of Egypt in Medieval England, by John Black, associate professor in the English department, was recently published in Vol. 23 Medieval Perspectives, the peer-reviewed journal of the Southeastern Medieval Association (SEMA) (volume year 2008; published in 2011). The article, which grew out of a conference presentation at the 2007 SEMA Conference, examines the textual and iconographic evidence for reconstruction of the saint over the course of the Middle Ages in England and elucidates the cultural impulses motivating the changes in the saint’s cult and reception. John is grateful to the Faculty Development and Research Committee for its support of his scholarship.

Conferences and Presentations

Matt Lang and Ben Coleman presented a paper titled Collaboration Across the Curriculum: A Disciplined Approach to Developing Team Skills at the 43rd Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) technical symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE'12) and the paper was published in its proceedings.

Faramarz Farbod, adjunct in the political science department, was the featured speaker April 15 at an event at the LEPOCO Peace Center in South Bethlehem. Farbod’s talk was titled Understanding the Iran-U.S. Stand Off: What’s Behind the Headlines

Carl Salter, chemistry professor and department chair, and Matt Lang, assistant professor of computer science, and nine students presented their research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) which was hosted by Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.  Moravian sends students to NCUR annually to present their work.  This year, seniors Takumi Bolte, Rebekah Overdorf, Nelson Knudsen, Anna Meola, Diana Feldmann, Charli Godshall, and Rebecca Mitchell, and juniors, James Moore and Jacob Donchez, presented their original research in the various fields across the sciences.  James Bellush ’12 had his work accepted, but unfortunately could not attend.  NCUR is a peer-reviewed conference, so their work was examined by faculty in their fields of research and judged as having merit as a contribution to their field.

In the News

Read a recent op-ed in The Morning Call by Tara Lewis '12 and Megan Wenk '12 about equal pay for women.
In it, they called for fair and equal pay for women for equal work.

They said, in part, “Action against pay inequality began in 1963 with the Equal Pay Act. When this act went into effect, women were making a mere 59 cents for every dollar that men made. … Doing the math, this means that after 44 years, women have only closed the pay gap by 18 cents. Even more affected by pay inequality are African-American women who make only 66 cents for every dollar that white men make and Hispanic/Latina women, who make only 60 cents for every dollar white men make. Fair pay takes a real change! Each of us has the power to make a difference.”

Grace Ji-Sun Kim, associate professor of doctrinal theology, recently appeared on Business Matters on Channel 69, joining a panel discussion about inclusion of coverage for contraceptives in health care packages. Read her blog entry about here.

Student News and Notes

Katelyn Cohen ’12, president of the Moravian College Student Affiliate of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), has been awarded a full scholarship by AAUW National to attend the 2012 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCSWL).  She will be joined at the conference by Arielle Brent ’13, who received a Pennsylvania state scholarship, and Casey Hilferty ’13 and Macaire Kolchin ’14, who were awarded grants from the AAUW Bethlehem branch.

Jenna Carmon ’12, Kaitlin Sadowski ’12, Allegra Labar ’12 and David Zubia ’12 succeeded in advancing to the Elite 8 in the first round of judging of the IMA Student Case Competition.  The Accounting Program at Moravian entered four teams in this year’s case competition, competing with schools on a global basis with significantly more resources, and was one of eight to make the semi-finals.   If the team makes it to the final four, they will compete live at the IMA’s 93rd Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Las Vegas, Nev., from June 23 to 27.


Photos by Michael Clark '12

Moravian’s Greek Week 2012 included events such as new field day activities, a pie-eating contest, and the kick-off event at Starter’s Riverport. The idea was to get as many people involved as possible, and the organizers were successful in their efforts, creating great school spirit. The week ended with the traditional Greek life talent show, involving almost every fraternity and sorority member on campus, followed by the presentation of awards.

Other News

Cecilia Fox, associate professor of biological sciences and president of the Lehigh Valley Society for Neuroscience Chapter, was asked to represent the Society for Neuroscience on Capitol Hill on March 28 and 29. She met with Pennsylvania senators, representatives and staff members to request that they support at least $32 billion for NIH and $7.4 billion for NSF in FY 2013.  Rep. Mike Doyle and Sen. Bob Casey expressed their strong support.  Rep. Charlie Dent, also is supportive of funding scientific research, though the final dollar amount has not been determined.  Senator Pat Toomey's staff member (whose mother happens to be a Moravian alum), expressed the senator's support for scientific research, though did not commit to the proposal during the time of the meeting.

Fox says: “Over the past ten years, there has only been an average increase of 1 percent in NIH funding.  Strong and sustainable funding levels in FY2013 will help to maintain the nation's scientific research enterprise, leading to better health outcomes and avoiding further loss of promising research.”

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Photos left and center: H. Scott Heist and right: Michael Clark '12

A Resting Place, an original, community-based play produced by Moravian College and Touchstone Theatre, was performed for more than 1500 people last weekend. More than 200 people were involved with the project to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War by the Historic Bethlehem Partnership. About 100 were involved with the actual production, which received favorable reviews in local and regional press.

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Hilde Binford, associate professor of music and department chair, traveled to Kenya for spring break. She and her mother are presenters and bloggers for the Climate Reality Project, and Binford also gives remote presentations.

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Writer Dorothy Parker was commemorated by Will Ferry '12.

Photo by Michael Clark '12

Moravian’s recent Dinner Party was inspired by the installation art of Judy Chicago, a feminist artist whose triangular table is set with 39 mythical and historical women. Each table setting includes a mat with the woman’s name and images or symbols relating to her accomplishments. Chicago’s work can be found in the Brooklyn Museum in New York City. Moravian’s effort involved 30 participants who created place settings based on women of history, those they have known personally, or who have touched their lives and inspired them in some way.

“It was inspiring to sit around the dinner table and share our stories about the significance of the women we were celebrating,” says Stacey Zaremba, professor in the psychology department and co-coordinator of the event. “As each story was shared, we invited that woman to our table, opening a space for them to join us. It was powerful and emotional, and so nice to celebrate these women.”

* * * * *

Kristin Baxter, assistant professor of art, was recently accepted into InLiquid,  InLiquid a non-profit, art organization based in Philadelphia, that provides support and exhibition opportunities for area artists.

* * * * *

The third annual Lehigh Valley Society for Neuroscience Conference will be held at Cedar Crest College on April 21. This event will highlight the scholarly endeavors of undergraduates studying neuroscience, psychology and philosophy of the mind.  Attendees will include students and faculty from the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and central Pennsylvania colleges, as well as undergraduates from the New Jersey area.  For more information about registration, conference schedule and guest speakers, visit