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International flavors dominate the HUB

The Hellenic Dancers of New Jersey perform after the International Dinner on September 30.

Photo by Alex Sestok '16

The International Club hosted its 12th Annual International Dinner on September 30.  Flags from countries around the world adorned the HUB Pavilion as nearly 125 students, faculty and community members gathered to sample the many varieties of international foods.

Among them were Italian stromboli with marinara sauce and two types of sushi and Tom Yum Yum soup. An Eastern European station offered pierogies and halushkis and another provided brautwurst in saukraut from Germany. Chinese kung pao chicken and beef Singapore noodles, American chicken fingers and pigs in a blanket, Middle Eastern chicken and lamb kabobs as well as pita bread with hummus, and Indian green curry chicken with dumplings and sauce rounded out the event. 

After the dinner, Greek folk dancing group, the Hellenic Dancers of New Jersey, performed in Prosser Auditorium. The group of six men and eight women performed several different dances, which all represented different milestones in life and different regions in Greece. They also all wore traditional Greek costumes. 

From the exotic foods to the traditional dances, the International Dinner always turns out to be a big success year after year, and this year was no exception. 
“People love trying out other foods and learning about other cultures and I think that’s a really good thing,” said Vinny Maradana ’15, club president.