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Moravian Hound Sound rocks Johnston Hall

Circa Survive performs in Johnston Hall.
Photos by David Dunn '14

Twenty | one | pilots, Carolina Liar and Circa Survive rocked Johnston Hall at the Moravian College Hound Sound concert November 17 with exhilarating performances that kept the crowd moving all night long.

The pre-show excitement started early, as students, alumni, and fans from as far away as Philadelphia anticipated the show. Most were eager to see Circa Survive, including Frank DeFelice ’14, who said, “I was surprised to hear the announcement that Circa Survive was coming. They’re one of my favorite bands. I’ve been counting down the days.” Alumnus Ali Zucal ’12 was pleased with the quality of the lineup for the Hound Sound. “I would definitely be coming back if they got bands like this,” he said. Liberty High School student Quenten Calvano said it was his dream to bring bands of this caliber to the Lehigh Valley.

Twenty | one | pilots raised the energy level from the concert’s start, and many audience members felt they stole the show from Circa Survive. The band came out in full body skeleton suits and invigorated the crowd with their unique style of electro-inspired rock. Their performance skills were on display throughout the set, making the crowd scream during highlights like drummer Josh Dun’s backflip from the top of the piano. Singer Tyler Joseph entertained the crowd with jokes and humorous transitions between songs such as playing ukulele teases of popular songs like Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and having the crowd do a golf clap while he switched instruments. Although the band was relatively unknown here prior to the show, they made many new fans. Lacey Neff ’14, said, “I came for Circa. I never heard of twenty | one | pilots before, but they might be my new favorite.” After the show, Dun and Joseph signed autographs and posed for pictures and said they enjoyed the experience of playing at Moravian. Joseph joked, “If you have us back, Josh will learn to do a double backflip.”   

The second warm-up band was Carolina Liar. Singer Chad Wolf came out waving a Moravian flag, and the crowd responded well to the band, clapping and singing along. After a blistering keyboard solo by Johan Carlsson, the whole crowd chanted, “Johan! Johan!” After Carolina Liar’s set, Johnston Hall was electrified in anticipation of Circa Survive.
The crowd erupted when Circa Survive first took the stage to do a sound check, during which Anthony Green’s young son came on stage.  He hit the drums, waved to the crowd and said hello into the microphone, getting one of the biggest cheers of the night. He then giggled and blew the crowd a kiss before walking off the stage with his father.
The crowd erupted when Circa Survive finally came out. Green danced around the stage while holding the microphone cable in his teeth and made arm motions as if he were casting a spell on the audience during the opening bars of the first song

The crowd jumped up and down, waved their hands in the air, and sang along with Green. A huge mosh pit developed as fans aggressively danced and jumped around in the front center of the crowd. Two men crowd-surfed to the front and were tossed over the guard rail. Green acknowledged the crowd’s passion, and both the crowd and the band maintained their energy throughout the set. The crowd got riled up at points during the show—some people in the audience threw loose change and clothing on stage at times—but security did an excellent job of ensuring that no one was hurt.

The efforts of USG and the Moravian College student workers were essential in making the event a success. USG president Emmy Usera ’13 said, “It was really great seeing the crowd and Moravian community come together in one awesome event.” And Kelsey King ’14, USG council member, said, “I’m very proud that USG could put this together, and I’m really proud of my front-of-house workers.” Numerous student workers set up and broke down the concert, made runs to pick up supplies, greeted people at the door, sold tickets, sat at merchandise tables, and did other jobs throughout the day to ensure that the concert ran smoothly.

Many of them found the experience to be very rewarding. Jesse McHugh ’14 is a huge fan of Circa Survive, and was at Johnston Hall at 8 a.m. to help build the stage. After the stage was built, he climbed up and took in the experience of standing where the band would play later that night: “To have built the foundation that my idol is going to walk on has made my day, my week, even my year.”

At the end of the night, Melissa Marazas ’13 summed up the incredible success of the Hound Sound by saying, “There were good, positive vibes from people. People had positive attitudes and supported even the bands they didn’t know. It was great to see such excitement on campus.”

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