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Alumni and students shine at the Twelfth Annual Alumni Awards ceremony

Award recipients and their presenters: Front row: Bill Trub '03, Joyce Hinnefeld, Katelyn Cohen '13, Michael O'Gorman '13, Kathleen Figlear Malu '73, Helen Churko.
Middle row: Bertie Francis Knisely '69, Betsey Tait Puth '61, Alicia Altemose '13
Back row: David Vasily '71, Cathleen Lavelle Williams '05, Scott Williams '04

Moravian’s Twelfth Annual Alumni Awards ceremony, held December 8 in Peter Hall, honored five alumni and three current students for their exceptional achievements and dedication to Moravian College. Inadvertently, the ceremony also honored the College itself, as each recipient expressed gratitude for the part Moravian had to play in shaping their successful lives.

Following a light dinner reception in the Payne Gallery, the recipients, along with their guests of family, friends, and Moravian alumni, faculty, staff and students made their way into Peter Hall. Kelly Rindock ’03, president of the Alumni Association, welcomed everyone and introduced College president Christopher Thomforde.

Thomforde began by remarking on the beauty of the space, where “for hundreds of years people under the banner of Moravian have gathered.” He pointed out the gorgeous stained glass windows, saying that the light which often shines through them is related to the college’s motto, “Via Lucis,” which translates, “way of light.” President Thomforde said that the students who come out of Moravian “have been like bright shining lights in a darkening and confounding world.” Turning to the award recipients seated on the stage, he finished, “Thank you for shining brightly where you are.”

The Alumni Fellows Awards were given to three current students for their academic excellence and contributions of service to the College and surrounding community. Alyson Remsing ’03 presented these awards to Alicia Altemose ’14, Katelyn Cohen ’14, and Michael O’Gorman ’13. In addition, Michael O’Gorman was presented with an award for his outstanding Honors project, which focused on social media and politics.

This year, two Young Alumni Achievement Awards were presented. The first went to Bill Trub ’03, who was introduced by Joyce Hinnefeld, professor of English.  Trub majored in English, went on to be an English professor, published poet, Peace Corps volunteer, and now teaches at an after-school program for low-income teenagers in Brooklyn. He expressed his deep gratitude to his former professor and mentor, saying “Joyce deserves full credit for where I am today.”

The second award was made to Scott Williams ’04. He was introduced by his wife, Cathleen Lavelle Williams ’05, who said, “Moravian instilled in Scott the desire to learn passionately and live passionately.” Williams has a passion for men’s health, and as vice president of the Men’s Health Network, he promotes and educates men on health issues. In his acceptance, Williams said, “My parents always taught me to follow my heart and follow my passion, and Moravian reinforced that for me.”

The 2012 Benigna Education Award was presented to Kathleen Figlear Malu ’73. Her good friend, Helen Churko, introduced Malu as a “teacher, educator, and transformer of experience into knowledge.” Malu, who has taught in many settings over the years, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, is especially thankful for those who taught her at Moravian: “The Moravian faculty inspired me, supported me, and helped to mold me into the award recipient I am today.”

Comenius Alumni Award recipient David Vasily '71 and his wife Ida Vasily.

The Medallion of Merit was presented to Betsey Tait Puth ’51, a graduate of the original Moravian College for Women. Bertie Francis Knisely ’69, who introduced Betsey, instructed the audience to “imagine this room without the windows,” and described how the exquisite stained glass windows were covered for 20 years before Betsey initiated their restoration. Betsey explained that “Peter Hall has always meant so much to me” as she described her memories of visits to “the chapel,” as it was called in her college days. Betsey went on to describe her continued love for Moravian as she watched it change and grow through her years as a Trustee.

The final award of the night, the Comenius Award, was presented to David B. Vasily ’71 for his extensive work in the field of dermatology and laser surgeries. His energy and enthusiasm about Moravian were apparent as he recalled his college days where his classes were “so exciting and stimulating that I couldn’t wait to go to my next class!” Vasily then turned to President Thomforde’s initial theme of light. “Light is my world,” he stated as he described his cutting-edge research and development of lasers, and he is thankful to have a part of “the light that leaves Moravian with every student.” 

To view and purchase photos from the ceremony go to and click on the 2012 December 8 Alumni Awards.

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