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USG serves Moravian's student body

Since 1968, the United Student Government (USG) at Moravian College has worked to provide developmental resources for student clubs and organizations and attend to the needs and wants of the student body. The new student body president, vice president, and members of the 46th senate were sworn into their positions January 15.

Andrew van der Kleut '15 is sworn in as the new president of USG.

Photos by David Dunn '14

Over the past year, USG accomplished many things under the direction of President Emmy Usera ’13 and Vice President Mark Wunderly ’13. From increasing Root Cellar hours, to obtaining student discounts from local businesses, to bringing famous guests to campus, including John Legend and Circa Survive, USG has worked hard to meet students’ expectations. A recent accomplishment was their answer to students’ pleas for faster Internet service. A recent College e-mail stated that Internet bandwidth will be increasing within the next month, producing faster service.

With the new year, the responsibilities of USG have been turned over to Andrew van der Kleut ’15 and Alicia Altemose ’14, the new president and vice president, along with the 16 members of the senate. The group has many aspirations, including obtaining more discounts at local stores and restaurants and beginning conversations about the operations of the campus shuttle buses.

USG members are very active on campus and are interested in working to improve the quality of campus life. Van der Kleut was a USG senator last year. He also participates in the German Club, is a 26-points Student Ambassador, and is a brother of Delta Tau Delta. Altemose is a newcomer to USG, but she has been active on campus in many other ways the past few years: working in the library, tutoring mathematics, and participating as a member of C3, Colleges Against Cancer, and Gamma Sigma Sigma. Alicia says, “As a student, I have often had my complaints about campus life, and I decided that joining USG was the best way to make the changes that I wished to see.”

Alicia Altemose '14 is sworn in as new USG vice president.

However, the officers and members of USG are not the only students capable of making changes on campus. In fact, they rely heavily on the input and recommendations of the entire student body. One way students can make USG aware of their concerns is through the Speak Up box, located at the HUB desk, where students can make suggestions about projects they think USG should undertake.

According to former president Usera, the ideas for the recent projects came from the Speak Up box, as well as from students’ tweets, Facebook statuses, and word-of-mouth. Usera encourages students to continue to use the Speak Up box, as well as talk to USG representatives directly when they have a concern.

“So many students just complain to their friends and don’t do anything about it,” she says. “Instead, students need to talk to Student Government or administrators.”

USG has been and can continue to be a powerful force for making positive changes on campus. As their mission states, they “serve as the primary vehicle for the expression of the interests and concerns of the Moravian student body;” however, they need the input of students in order to accurately portray and cater to those interests and concerns.