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Did You Know?

Carole Reese and Jessie Ervin explain the Senior Survey to a student in the HUB.

Photo by Alex Sestok '16

Seniors can win a prize, including a chance at a $50 VISA gift card, just by completing a brief online survey!

Moravian seniors have already received an email invitation from President Thomforde that includes the online link through which they can complete this survey.  By taking about 20 minutes to complete the form, students automatically are eligible to win one of many prizes, including a $50 VISA card. Deadline is April 17.

The College Senior Survey is a national study of college seniors that examines the effectiveness of college. It is conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA and asks seniors about academic habits and experiences, interactions with peers and faculty, involvement in campus programs and activities, satisfaction with their college experience and post-college plans.

Results from the survey are used by faculty and administrators at Moravian College, and by higher education researchers nationwide, to understand and improve the college experience.

“We take this survey seriously and share the information with the president, president’s staff, trustees and other college administrators,” says Carole Reese, director of institutional research. "It is our hope that students take advantage of this opportunity for their opinions to be heard.

“This is a follow up survey to the one that is completed by freshmen during orientation. We use this information for planning purposes in a variety of departments, to confirm what we do well and discover what we need to do better, and compare ourselves to other similar institutions. It’s very important that seniors go online and complete this survey,” she adds.