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Moravian's determined team of one

Nicole Volk '14 at the end of her 6th place run in West Virginia.

Skiing almost as long as she has been walking, Nicole Volk ’14, or Nikki, has made a name for herself in the local Alpine ski racing circuit. As the only Moravian College student to race, the psychology major is posted as an independent, and calls her team-of-one, Moravian. She joins local teams from Lafayette and DeSales, those from New Jersey schools such as Rutgers, Princeton, and New York’s Columbia, as part of the New Jersey Conference.

Racing throughout the season—January and February—at Hunter, Blue Mountain or Hidden Valley, Volk practices at least twice a week at Blue, her home mountain, where she raced while in high school.

“It really takes a lot to stay up with this,” says Volk. “When you train, you need to be really dedicated so you can get better.”

Volk is so dedicated to her sport that she made it to the Regional Alpine Championships in Timberline, W.Va., this winter. She says that competition in Pennsylvania isn’t as tough as in New England, for example, where the slopes are steeper and there’s more snow, so the season is longer.

Volk calls her dad her biggest fan. Bob Volk is Moravian's structural operations foreman.

Nevertheless, competition is still stiff, and times between the top five women skiers are close. So close that there’s only about a second between first-place and fifth.

Volk competed against 62 women at regionals and landed a sixth-place ranking after the first run of the day, despite the freezing rain. Unfortunately, that precipitation caused her to fall during her second run, as did half of the women in the top 15. Because a skier must complete two runs for a full race, her first run didn’t count, and didn’t earn her any points toward the national competition in Sun Valley, Idaho.

On the second day of the race, Volk finished 9th overall.
“I was still happy, because the competition there was pretty tight,” she explains. “I would have needed to finish all the race runs in order to make it to Nationals, but there is always next year and I plan on putting in lots of work and training in the off-season to make it happen.

“It would be great to find enough interest at Moravian to start a team,” adds Volk. “It’s a really fun sport and there’s so much social interaction between all the schools, which is something that isn’t very common in most intercollegiate sports and activities.”