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Experience the Moravian Effect

Each issue of InCommon tells the story of one of Moravian’s alums who exemplify what we call the Moravian Effect. The added value from their Moravian experience is created through Moravian’s emphasis on strong, personalized majors, hands-on learning opportunities, and encouragement of a deeper enjoyment of life—which is nurtured by engaged faculty and alumni. Surveys of our graduates show that these qualities help them grow in four years into focused adults who succeed and excel in an increasingly challenging world.

Dylan Stroup ’10

Financial advisor, AXA Advisors, LLC

Young alumnus recognizes importance of staying connected

Dylan Stroup '10

Although Dylan Stroup ’10 has graduated from Moravian College, he has not stopped reaping the benefits of a Moravian education. Though his experience at Moravian was a great one, he says that “life after Moravian is exciting because there’s so much backing and encouragement from Moravian to make young alumni successful and integrate them into the community.”

The personable staff in the admissions department made an excellent first impression on Stroup. After his first visit, he says, “Whenever I saw them around, they actually knew me by name somehow and that made a big impression.”

Stroup also appreciated the variety of options that the College offered. He was accepted into Moravian’s Add-Venture program, which allows students more freedom in choosing their courses. This turned out to be very beneficial for him. “I thought I was focused and it turned out I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” he recalls. He began by creating his own major in music and physics, but after several changes, ultimately ended up majoring in financial economics.

One influence in his choice of a final major was James West, Dylan’s first economics professor. “He explained economics in a way that I could understand,” Dylan says. After his education at Moravian, Dylan has developed his own understanding of economics: “To me economics explains how the world works.” He adds, “Money has always fascinated me because it is one of those things you want to live without, but you can’t live without it.”

“I think it’s important for alumni young and old to stay connected to the College, because the College, I believe, has their best interests at heart."

While attending Moravian, Stroup was involved in many different campus organizations, including the Environmental Coalition, IMPACT, USG, and the fraternity Omicron Gamma Omega (OGO). He was the chair of philanthropy for OGO, and as such he organized and hosted various events to benefit charities. He created and was in charge of Africa Week one year, which was a series of lectures about economics in developing countries in Africa.

Stroup says he was “extremely naïve” about what kind of career he would have with a major in financial economics, but after working closely with the Career Center at Moravian, he interviewed with two different companies. “One was a perfect fit,” he says, and he landed the job as a financial advisor with AXA Advisors, LLC. before he graduated. He describes his current job as “helping people see the big picture with regards to their money.” Stroup has extensive training with nonprofits and public schools in addition to working with individuals and businesses.

He has remained very connected to Moravian College since he graduated, and now serves on the Moravian Leadership Council. Stroup also works closely with Amy Saul, director of career development to help Moravian students get jobs and internships because he appreciates how they helped him get to where he is now. “I think it’s important for alumni young and old to stay connected to the College, because the College, I believe, has their best interests at heart,” he says.