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What’s next after graduation?

Elizabeth Kussler '12

For every senior, the big anticipation is graduation. Many are ready for the next stage in life, while others haven’t thought that far in advance. For many, the next stage in life takes them to graduate school. For some it’s a job.

So the big question is what’s next? There are many things that seniors should be thinking about as Commencement approaches.

“After graduation, I had to make the decision of whether I wanted to find a job or go to graduate school” says Elizabeth Kussler ’12. “Because I am a psychology major and many of my career options required a master’s degree, I decided to go the graduate school route.”

Graduate school is a popular option for those who don’t find a job right away, especially for those who are in majors that require additional education to find the right career.

“The application process is long and tedious,” Kussler says. “Filling it out, getting all the required materials together such as letters of recommendations, GRE scores, transcripts, creating a strong resume and so on. It took quite a bit of time.”

Stephanie Dorney ’12 admits that deciding what to do next was tough. “First I made profiles on Career Builder, wrote a resume, and looked on the computer.”

Finding a job is a difficult process that many students don’t think about early enough. Luckily for Dorney, she found a job close to her major, English. “I am a para-professional in an 8th grade inclusion classroom. I have a second job as a teacher at a childcare center and I plan to go back and get my teaching certification eventually,” she says.

Both agree, for those who are graduating this year, it is important to take advantage of what Moravian offers. The Career Center provides students many options, but be sure to head over there before graduation.

“While I was at Moravian, they offered workshops about application process that were extremely helpful. The Career Center was also helpful,” Kussler says. “I went there to get help with strengthening my resume and they exceeded my expectations.”

Amy Saul, director of the Career Center, says that they are there to help students with their career path. The Career Center does not only focus on seniors, but works with underclassmen also. “We can help students with a building tool kit that involves a resume, cover letter, portfolio or anything else to get them ready,” says Saul.

There are a variety of ways to conduct a job search. Students should take advantage of the Internet, online databases and various forms of social media. Saul stresses that networking is all-important and knowing the contacts on your online network will help with job searches.

The Career Center also offers help through Career Hound, an online database any student can open with their student email and password and access internships, and/or job openings that are in the area or in their specific town.

“Be open. Don’t be afraid to move outside of what you think your major offers,” adds Dorney. “Help is available.”