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Did You Know?

The Moravian College football team hosted its 4th Annual Be The Match bone marrow donor registration drive on April 17th, and the Greyhounds registered 168 people into the registry.

The process takes about ten minutes and includes filling out a medical history form and doing a painless cotton swab of the cheek.  Moravian is looking for people from every background so more patients have a chance for a cure.  Anyone who was unable to attend and would like to become involved with the program should visit

In 2010, Moravian registered 457 for the program including Stephanie Pezzello, who was found to be a perfect match for an 11-year-old with leukemia. Pezzello had the surgery to make the donation shortly after that. In the picture above, Pezzello poses with the now 13-year-old Maddie when they spent time together in New York.

Moravian has two other students who have been matched and gone through the procedure to donate bone marrow. Sophomores Rachel Knecht and Matt Adams each registered in 2012 and donated in the last six months.

"I would tell people that if you are on the fence about signing up, and I was one of them at first, it is something you should do because you have the potential to give someone a second chance at life," Knecht said. "The process you go through as a donor can't be any worse than the pain and suffering the person you are donating too has been going through."

View a photo gallery from the registration here.