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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 9/17/13
Members of the College's History Club gather on a couch in Comenius Hall, room 300.

ABOVE: The College's History Club, advised by James Paxton, Ph.D.(far left), associate professor of history, meets every other Thursday in Comenius Hall, room 300.


Club Spotlight – History Club

When: Meets Every Other Thursday, Noon
Comenius Hall, Room 300 (The History Commons)
Officers: Casey Hilferty ’14, President; David Gaspar ’16, Vice President; Tyler Merrick ’14, Secretary; and Stephanie Castlen ’16, Treasurer
Advisor: James Paxton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History
Club Activities: Trip to the National Museum of the American Indian in New York, as well as the Renaissance Faire

Considering its subject matter can often be centuries old, the Moravian College History Club is livelier than one might expect. On a recent Thursday afternoon, the club members batted around ideas for a possible newsletter, where the content would focus on current research or internships, as well as what events the organization might organize this semester. A personal favorite was the suggestion of a ghost tour on Hurd Campus.

On a more real, factual note, the College’s History Club provides a great forum to share common interests and research topics with other history buffs.

Each meeting is centered around a talk, usually presented by a faculty member, student and, on occasion, an alum. These informal discussions are a great warm up for lecturers who might be presenting at an upcoming conference. “It’s great practice for them and, at the same time, great for us to learn about how to conduct research,” says president Casey Hilferty.

Students often discuss current research, papers, internships, study abroad experiences and SOAR and Honors projects. Likewise, faculty drop by to discuss their recent research and discoveries, not always the same subjects addressed in their classes. Topics in recent years have included the Holocaust, alcohol use by Native Americans, and the history of milk and modern food production in Mexico.

“I enjoy that our meetings are an opportunity to get to know some of the history department professors on a personal level,” says Stephanie Castlen, club treasurer. “You get to understand what they are really passionate about.”

Casey Hilferty will kick off this semester’s talks Sept. 19, discussing her recent SOAR project, “Rediscovering and Including Women in the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1975."

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