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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 10/1/13
Students gather around a table in the College's new women's space.

ABOVE: The Moravian College community celebrated the opening of a women's space with an open house on Sept. 24.


Women’s Space Welcomed on Campus

By Alyssa D’Ippolito ’15      

Moravian College has dedicated a new space on campus just for women’s studies. Room 222 in the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex is the new home of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Bethlehem student affiliate chapter and the Women’s Studies Advisory Council (WSAC).

This new space provides AAUW and WSAC with a place to hold executive meetings and students a location to access available resources pertaining to women’s study programs.

“We are hoping to have the space comprised of periodicals and materials that students can utilize to assist them in gaining awareness and understanding of the women’s study programs and graduate programs,” said Shelley Speirs, director of annual giving at Moravian and WSAC co-chair. Jane Berger, assistant professor of history also serves a co-chair of the WSAC.

Finding a space on campus for women’s studies to call a home has proven to be a difficult endeavor over the years. With a series of retirements this past year, AAUW and WSAC jumped at their chance to secure an open space and placed an inquiry to obtain it for their use.

“We have understood how limited the space is and so we are very thankful and appreciative for the space we have been awarded,” said Stacey Zaremba, professor of psychology and advisor to the AAUW. 

This new space is important to AAUW and WSAC because it will raise awareness of the women’s study advisory council on campus. The women’s space will also help bring exposure to the AAUW student affiliate group, which now has a place where it can meet with other students who express interest in women’s studies or who are considering declaring a women’s studies minor.

Having a home office will also make it easier for AAUW to meet and partner with other organizations that are involved in the same type of work to develop programs and events around campus such as the Brown Bag Lunch series and Love Your Body Day, all geared toward fostering a healthy appreciation of the body.

The photograph shots the doorway, with an empty desk inside. Stacey Zaremba leans forward to talk to a group of people.

ABOVE: A ribbon adorns the doorway to the new women's space, located in room 222 in PPHAC.

ABOVE: Stacey Zaremba, professor of psychology and advisor to the AAUW, talks prior to a ribbon-cutting ceremony Sept. 24.

AAUW and WSAC hosted an open house on Sept. 24 to celebrate the opening of their new space. Members spoke to attendees about their future goals for the location and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“The open house was a means to introduce the new space, recruit new members, and to thank all of our supporters in the community,” said Kate Cohens ’14, co-president of AAUW student chapter. “We have been given a wonderful opportunity on this campus to integrate with other groups in raising awareness of women’s issues while being supported.”

AAUW and WSAC are also looking for donations of resourceful, current books, as well as a conference table to help make their new space more productive.

Students, regardless of gender, are also encouraged to make contact or become a member of the student chapter of AAUW. Meetings are held at 4 p.m. every Tuesday in the Air Products room of the HUB.

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