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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 11/12/13
Thirteen members of the German Club pose for a photograph together.

ABOVE: Prior to hosting a club expo last month, members of the German Club posed for a photograph. The active club hosts a multitude of events through the year, including the always popular Oktoberfest.


Club Spotlight – German Club

When: Wednesdays, 4:30 p.m.
The German House (Hillside 5A)
Cory Creen ’14, President; Victoria Ruibal ’15, Vice President; Sean Rossiter ’14, Secretary; Elias Hasenecz ’15, Treasurer
Axel Hildebrandt, Assistant Professor of German
Club Activities:
Oktoberfest; Culture-themed Trip to New York City in the Spring Semester; Hosts On-campus Movies; Participates in College’s Culture Expo, among other activities

It seems only fitting to highlight the College’s German Club, which recently hosted its popular Oktoberfest event, during the fall semester. Just a few weeks ago, the club accommodated nearly 100 people at its Oktoberfest, which featured games, activities and, most deliciously, German food made from scratch by club members.

The event neatly fits into the club’s main objective: enabling Moravian College students interested in German language and culture to learn about and participate in German-themed events and activities.

While the club’s name specifies German, it’s very much an inclusive group, welcoming those with and without ties to the European country and its history.

“We don’t discriminate. We want to include anyone who is interested in the culture or the language,” explains Cory Creen ’14, the club’s president. 

In addition to its Oktoberfest, the club sponsors campus-wide films and events, a weekly Kaffeeklatsch – an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation, and annual trips to places like New York, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. Just last week, the club hosted a German Culture Expo in the HUB, discussing aspects of German culture, such as architecture, lifestyle and much more.

Many of the club’s events are held in collaboration with the College’s German House, a special interest residence on campus that is home to eight undergraduates interested in German culture or language. In addition to his role as club president, Creen is a led at the German House, in charge of organizing events and activities.

Creen explains that the club benefits greatly from the input of advisor Axel Hildebrandt, assistant professor of German. “He is our cultural connection,” Creen says of Hildebrandt. “He gives us a different outlook on topics. Most of us have a very U.S.-centric view of things. He is East German, so he provides us with a different perspective. He is very knowledgeable and very proactive in finding different multicultural things to do.”

Club meetings, which can draw between 15-25 members, are led in English, though there is time afterward to converse in English or German.

With a past that dates back to 1932, the College’s German Club has a long history of introducing and promoting the culture of one of Europe’s most proud countries on campus.

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