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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 12/10/13
Roberts and Semonich sit in the USG offices a few weeks after being elected.

ABOVE: Nick Roberts ’15 (left) and Tim Semonich ’15, Moravian College’s newly elected student body vice president and president, have made student and community involvement a priority when they begin their terms in January.


Newly Elected Student Body President, VP Seek Community Involvement

A few weeks before they officially take office, Tim Semonich ’15 and Nick Roberts ’15, Moravian College’s newly elected student body president and vice president, already have a plan of action. While the duo has titled the scheme, appropriately called “The Blue & Grey Print,” its objectives are far from finalized – and this was done purposely. Semonich and Roberts want as much student and community involvement as possible as they begin their term.

“If this is only what Tim and I want, then Tim and I would be the only ones working toward it,” reasoned Roberts. “If it’s what the school wants and the students want, the school and the students will get involved.”

A few days before Thanksgiving break, Semonich and Roberts outlined a few of their objectives, categorizing them into three areas: student engagement and personal connections; facilities improvements; and “hot topic” issues. “Hot topics are anything we felt were important but didn’t quite fit one of the other areas,” Semonich explained.

In the days since their election, Semonich and Roberts have sat down with numerous students to gain a better sense of the issues facing the on-campus community. Hearing the perspective of others has already made the duo reevaluate their own pursuits. “We had a vision coming into this, but after meeting with so many interested people and hearing what they had to say, that vision has changed,” Semonich said. 

The new student body representatives have been overwhelmed by the amount of support they have already received. “People want to be involved, we just need to make the personal connections and get them involved and things will expand from there,” Semonich explained, noting that student engagement is key to moving any initiative forward. “If it isn’t a priority to the students, why would they get involved?” he reasoned.

Just because I want to help make changes
here, doesn’t mean I don’t already love it here.
I love Moravian, but I still want to make it better."


– Tim Semonich '15

What compelled Semonich and Roberts to get involved and run for office? The duo has a simple response: “Why not us?”

Entering their term, which starts in January, Semonich and Roberts have vastly different levels of experience. Semonich, a former Northampton Community College student, was twice elected to serve as student president at his previous institution. To read a more in-depth profile of Semonich, click here. On the other hand, Roberts noted he’s never held any such office, though he did serve as the deputy chief of staff for this year’s USG cabinet.

“Tim approached me about a month ago asking if I’d be his running mate, and I thought this was my chance to put my vision into action – to step up and help make positive changes,” Roberts said. “A lot of my involvement on campus has been through community service. I do see the difference that I’ve made there, but I wanted to do something a step above that. I want to get people involved and help them take the reins.”

Although he just arrived on campus this fall, Semonich, a 24-year-old non-traditional student, always envisioned a run for the USG position. “It was in the plans,” he reasoned. “But just because I want to help make changes here, doesn’t mean I don’t already love it here. I love Moravian, but I still want to make it better. I think we can work together to do a lot of things better.”

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