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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 2/5/14
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ABOVE: Joseph Shosh, associate professor of education and chair of the Education Department, hopes area educators, especially Moravian alumni, consider attending the first east coast American Study Day sponsored by the European-based Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN) May 22.


CARN Study Day, Alumni Offer View Inside the Classroom

For many public school students throughout America, each day begins with a bus ride. International attendees of the first east coast American Study Day, sponsored by the European-based Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN) on Thursday, May 22, won’t start their day any differently.

The one-day Study Day, co-organized by Moravian College’s Department of Education, will bus nearly 50 educators to three American secondary schools – the iSchool in New York City, Warren Hills Regional High School in rural New Jersey, and Liberty High School in Bethlehem – to see first-hand how educators are using action research to transform teaching and learning for adolescents.

The event will have a distinctive Moravian College flavor, and not just because the institution is where the bus starts and stops. Three Moravian alumni – Kevin Horn G’10, Nathan Snyder G’09 and Ali Tannous ’05, G ’10 – will be featured at their respective schools on the bus trip. The trio will help answer the question, “What happens to action research after the master’s degree?” the theme of this spring’s Study Day.

While CARN is Europe’s leading action research organization, it is truly an international group, as the University of San Diego and Moravian College are the organization’s first American members. Joseph Shosh, associate professor of education and chair of the Education Department, expects Study Day attendees to come from across the Americas and around the world, but he made a special invitation to area educators, especially Moravian alumni, to attend.

Furthermore, the Study Day, including bus transportation, is free, paid for by CARN, the Action Research Network of the Americas and the College’s Education Department. Pre-registration is required, and seating is limited. Contact Angelique G. Blanar at to register. For more information, a Study Day brochure can be found here.

“We would love alumni interested in educational research to attend this event,” Shosh said. “Not only does it feature Moravian alumni, but CARN is also recognizing that Moravian is a leader in this methodology. So let’s see how these talented Moravian alumni conduct classroom research now that they have all finished their master’s work.”

Nathan Snyder G’09 smiles against a wall with the word innovate in the background. Ali Tannous ’05, G ’10 talks while gesturing with her hands.

ABOVE: As part of the CARN Study Day, participants will visit Nathan Snyder G’09, who works in the New York City iSchool in Soho, N.Y.

ABOVE: Ali Tannous ’05, G ’10, who works at Liberty High School in Bethlehem, will be the first stop during the CARN Study Day in May 2014.

Additionally, Dr. Mary McAteer of Britain’s Edge Hill University – recently voted the United Kingdom’s best university for educating teachers – will join the College’s Department of Education faculty and Study Day participants on the three-school tour. McAteer will lead participants in a discussion of how the Moravian action researchers enacted their beliefs to transform their practice, making a demonstrable difference in the lives of young people.

The Study Day will start off with a visit to Liberty High School, where Ali Tannous will discuss the school’s brand-new freshman center, which assists students’ transition from middle school to high school. “Ali will discuss how she uses what she learned about action research at Moravian to be a leader at Liberty,” Shosh explained.

The 50 attendees will then travel to New York City, stopping at the iSchool in Soho, N.Y., to talk with Nathan Snyder, who works with his students as co-researchers within their digital learning community. “We will be talking about how he gets his kids to research their learning while he’s researching his teaching,” Shosh added.

Snyder looks forward to opening up his classroom door to the CARN group, noting his pride for the iSchool, which has become “famous for inquiry-based learning and solving problems for various companies throughout New York City,” he said.

“It will be great to hear CARN's thoughts on the iSchool's vision and mission and to get feedback for future growth,” Snyder added.

Lastly, the tour will visit Warren Hills Regional High School, exploring how Kevin Horn promotes student engagement. “Kevin will be able to talk about how he uses action research to get the most resistant rural kids engaged in their learning,” Shosh said.

Horn was flattered to be included in the day’s agenda. “It's so exciting to know that I'm going to get to not only give an idea of what I do, but also to get to exchange experiences with a group made up of my international counterparts,” he said. “It is a dream come true. It's imperative that we make our action research findings available to others – make the ‘so-what’ come alive. That's what the research is all about: wider audience, wider understanding of ourselves, our colleagues, and, most importantly, our students.”

The day will conclude back on Moravian’s campus with McAteer leading a discussion of the day’s topics.
Shosh points out the CARN Study Day is an exceptional opener for the following two-day Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA) annual conference set on the College’s Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus. For more information about the ARNA conference, click here.

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