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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 2/11/14
students Karine Polgar '16 and Matt Nesto '16 talk with Dr. Coleman at a table in the Marketplace Cafe in the HUB.

ABOVE: Ben Coleman (left, facing away), associate professor of computer science, and students Karine Polgar '16 and Matt Nesto '16 participated in the USG's new 'Lunch with Your Professors' program, dining in the Marketplace Cafe Feb. 11.


A Lunch Date with Your Professor – On Moravian’s Tab

New Meal Program Promotes Community, Faculty-Student Interaction

Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch? In an effort to further nurture the Moravian College community, particularly its faculty and student interaction, President Bryon Grigsby ’90 and the United Student Government (USG) have jointly developed a program titled “Lunch with Your Professors.”

Beginning this week, students and a professor of staff member of their choosing can meet and sign-up for a lunch pass at the HUB Desk. The best part? The College is picking up the tab.

According to Tim Semonich ’15, the College's student body president, the program was identified as a way to “bring us together” as a community. In fact, President Grigsby first broached the idea of students and professors grabbing a meal together.

Semonich and his fellow USG members were immediately supportive of the idea. “We took this and ran with it,” Semonich said. “We drafted a proposal of the program and President Grigsby offered to cover the cost. We hope that students and professors use this program so much that we have to expand it.”

One of the first participants were Matt Nesto '16 and Karine Polgar '16, who grabbed lunch with
Ben Coleman, associate professor of computer science, on Feb. 11. The sophomores are currently taking the College’s second-semester CS course with Coleman.

pull quote

This program can help students and teachers connect on more of a friendly level than just
in the classroom.”

– Matt Nesto '16

“I am very interested in the Lunch with your Professors because it is a way to communicate with our professor on a different basis than just a teacher,” said Polgar. “Dr. Coleman is a great teacher who Matt and I connect with well. With the lunch, we believe it will allow us to get to know Dr. Coleman more as a person than just a professor.”

Additionally, Polgar believes the lunch will also give the students ample time to ask Dr. Coleman questions regarding their class, melding school work with social interaction.

“I think this is a great program because it promotes the sense of community we value at Moravian,” explained Dr. Coleman.

Nesto looked forward to the opportunity to break bread with his professor as well. "Dr. Coleman is always available to his students whenever we need him, and makes computer science so much more than just a class," Nesto said. "He makes learning fun for us, and is an all around great guy. This program can help students and teachers connect on more of a friendly level than just in the classroom."

Students may use this program five times a semester, meeting with four professors and one staff member. Participants are encouraged to “test drive” the teacher’s lounge for a more private setting.

Seminoch said to expect the USG to provide more opportunities and activities for faculty-student interaction in the coming months.

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