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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 2/25/14
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USG Wants You to Know What’s Happening On Campus

Ever hear about an on-campus event you’d like to attend but only after the fact? Thankfully, that might be a problem of the past.

The United Student Government (USG) is about to kick start a new initiative to better information the College community of activities and events, commencing with a “Moravian Promotional Meeting” on Friday, Feb. 28, with various campus representatives invited to participate.

In an email to community members last week, Tim Semonich ’15, the College's student body president, mapped out the meeting’s objectives, hoping to “better advertise the amazing things happening in our community,” he wrote.

The proposed monthly meeting will bring together campus event planners, promoters and members who are engaged with students to produce a “monthly events calendar like no other,” Semonich added.

Our goal is to get everyone together once a month to have important conversations about events and foster collaboration.”

– Tim Semonich ’15

In his two months in office, Semonich explained he’s come to understand that “Moravian has many great events, but we are ineffective at relaying this to the student-wide population,” he said. This deficiency has a variety of reasons, most notably how spread out office spaces are on campus. “Our goal is to get everyone together once a month to have important conversations about events and foster collaboration,” he said.

The USG has invited representatives from various areas of the College, including Resident Life staff, Public Relations staff, Dean of Students, HUB director, facilities staff, food service personnel, and club, Greek life and athletics leaders. Semonich wants the process to be inclusive and has extended an invitation to anyone interested in contributing.

“The benefits to this meeting are better communication and collaboration on events,” Semonich added. “USG is also working on promotion tools that everyone can use for ‘open to entire campus’ events. We are excited to reveal some of these tools on Friday.”

The first promotional meeting will begin at 3 p.m. in the HUB’s UBC room. Invitees are asked to prepare notes for any campus-wide events scheduled in March.

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