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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 3/11/14
Christie Jacobsen smiles at her Bishon Frise named Molly as she works in her Colonial Hall office space.

ABOVE: Having filed all the proper paperwork for Moravian College's new dog-friendly policy, Christie Jacobsen ’00, web manager in the College’s Public Relations Office, welcomed Molly, her nearly 10-year-old Bichon Frise, to the office last week.


Canines Now Welcome on Campus

Recently Approved Dog-Friendly Policy Welcomes Dogs, Excites Owners

There’s a fresh face in Monocacy Hall’s Academic Affairs Office, though to look eye to eye with the campus’ new addition, one must get on all fours.

Her name is Biscuit, and she is half-beagle, half-Chihuahua and 100 percent Moravian College. Thanks to the College’s recently adopted dog-friendly policy for faculty and staff, approved by the President’s Council in late February, Biscuit is allowed to accompany her owner, Carol Traupman-Carr '86, dean of curriculum and academic programs, on campus.

Following in the paw steps of President Bryon Grigsby’s rescued greyhound, Mo, Biscuit and her owner completed the registration paperwork last week, and she is officially a member of campus community. Her collar now includes a tag that reads “Moravian 002.”

“The idea of occasionally bringing Biscuit with me to work, forcing me to get away from my desk for a short walk and some fresh air, seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up,” said Traupman-Carr, noting how relaxing it is to have her canine close by. “She’s going to have to learn not to bark at Mo, but I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more barking in general over the next few weeks as the campus – and our dogs – make adjustments.”

For Traupman-Carr, having Biscuit in the office is akin to bringing a family member to work. Since the beagle-Chihuahua mix entered her life as a gift for her daughter Allison’s eighth birthday, the dean has become undeniably attached. This was evident last week as Traupman-Carr ran Biscuit through a series of tricks in her second-floor office that often concluded with a small treat and a big smile.

“My daughter begged my husband and me for years for a dog, and we finally caved and adopted a dog from a local shelter,” she said. “Although I came in to dog ownership kicking and screaming, I can’t imagine my life without my canine companion.”  

Traupman-Carr’s office mates have welcomed Biscuit, with the dean noting Monocacy Hall has its share of dog lovers. “All three of the College’s deans own dogs, so we are definitely very dog-friendly people,” she said.

Biscuit will be on campus when her schedule is light on meetings, Traupman-Carr said.
Moravian joins a growing number of dog-friendly workplaces across the country, including the likes of Google and Amazon. According to findings by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, more than 17% of companies allow pets at work.

Jon Conrad, Moravian’s chief human resource officer, drafted the dog policy with input from faculty members and other school officials. He borrowed ideas from the policies of the few dog-friendly campuses he could find. Many of restrictions are pretty straightforward, such as limiting dogs to private offices and keeping the canines leashed or under control in all common areas.

“Making Moravian College dog friendly is something we carefully looked at, and it became a topic our faculty and staff reacted positively to,” said Conrad. “There were too many benefits from the idea not to move forward with the policy. Pets provide a level comfort and companionship that is really unmatched, and we are happy to bring canines onto our campus.”

Conrad added the College wants to see how the policy works in its current form with faculty and staff before it considers expanding it to students and their dogs.

Biscuit stands on two legs reaching for a treat from her owner, Dean Carol Traupman-Carr. When she isn't looking for treats, Biscuit enjoys chewing on toys, including plastic water bottles.

ABOVE: Carol Traupman-Carr '86, dean of curriculum and academic programs, plays with her dog, Biscuit, who will be a weekly visitor in the Academic Affairs Office.

ABOVE: A half-beagle, half-Chihuahua, Biscuit is 100 percent greyhound now! She was the second canine registered on campus, right after President Grigsby's adopted greyhound, Mo.

A short stroll across Main Street, Christie Jacobsen ’00, web manager in the College’s Public Relations Office, welcomed Molly, her nearly 10-year-old Bichon Frise, last week as well.

While her regular appearances are new, Molly has been a constant topic of conversation for Jacobsen and her coworkers for years. In fact, when Jacobsen was asked to name Molly’s favorite toy and place to be petted, she dialed Sue Schamberger, director of foundation relations and one of Molly’s dear friends, for advice. In case you are wondering, Molly enjoys playing with a soccer ball and rubs behind the arms – we mean legs.

Additionally, Molly’s favorite treats include homemade frosty paws from Dawn Buck, an assistant in the Bursar’s Office. Though the fluffy white pup won’t turn down anything with peanut butter.

“Molly is the epitome of dog friendly,” said Susan O'Hare, the College’s bursar, whose office looks right into Jacobsen’s – and now Molly’s – workspace. “She really does have a fan club here.”

Jacobsen says she’s thrilled to have her happy-go-lucky canine share her office, noting she’s hoped the College might one day adopt a dog-friendly policy.

“I always thought it would make the workplace more enjoyable,” she said. “I often heard stories about other businesses allowing dogs and the benefits it brings, and I always hoped to see that here. It’s great to work for a place that welcomes dogs, and I’m thrilled to participate in our dog-friendly campus.

“It’s fun for me, and Molly seems to be fun for my coworkers.”

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