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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 4/16/14
Community members split into two groups to form a 1 and 6 with President Grigsby's family in the foreground.

ABOVE: Before the start of Saturday's 'Hounds Around the Grounds' event, students, facutly, staff and alumni formed a sixteen behind the HUB, with President Grigsby and his family in the foreground. (Photo by John Kish IV)


Inaugural News & Notes

Quotes, Comments & News from President Grigsby's Inauguration

Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary celebrated the installation of Bryon L. Grigsby ’90 as its 16th president on April 12, but not everything from the celebration fits into the event's official news release. Here are a few remaining highlights:


"When Bryon and I first met in September of 1986, as we were moving into the third floor of the Bernhardt Dormitories as freshman Greyhounds, I don’t think we would have predicted this day. In hindsight, maybe we should have. As it happened for many of us, Moravian was able to play an important and special part in the development of who we were to become."
– Andrew W. Hart ’90, Inaugural Co-chair

"President Grigsby, as a young leader, you have inspired me ... You drop casual terms like '20-year plan' to me. It makes the students know you are going to be here for the long run. Because you care about this place and you care the people in it."
– Timothy Semonich ’15, USG President

"The history and growth of Moravian College are intertwined in the history and growth of our great city. As we have changed, so has Moravian. As we have thrived, so has Moravian. And we look forward to the bright and exciting future facing Bethlehem, as well as Moravian."
– Robert Donchez, Mayor of Bethlehem

"A few weeks ago, when Bryon asked me to give some remarks at his Inauguration, I thought I had taught him better. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I had to do it because it would bring to an end a self-fulfilling prophecy. Back in 1990, after Bryon graduated – and he graduated well – he came up to me and said, 'Doc, someday I’m going to be president of Moravian College.' I swear, he told me that."
– Robert T. Burcaw ’51, Professor Emeritus of English

"He is passionate about his alma mater’s mission, and I believe he will provide the leadership skills, global vision, technological expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to guide Moravian to even more distinguished positions in our national market."
– Kenneth J. Rampolla ’79, Chair of the Joint Board of Trustees

"When I was named president, an alumni wrote me and said, 'Your house comes with desk from George Washington, write something on it worthy of its history.' Just a little pressure."

– Bryon L. Grigsby '90, President


Did you forget your copy of the program in Johnston Hall? Here is a PDF for you!


The Moravian Class Delegates dated all the way back to the class of 1947. James Hughes '47 represented his classmates in the academic procession.

Tradition Revisited

Moravian adopted an old tradition with the inauguration of President Grigsby: investing him with academic regalia specific to his role as Moravian’s leader. During the ceremony, he exchanged his doctoral cap, gown and hood, representing the Ph.D. which he received from Loyola University Chicago, for Moravian’s presidential gown of navy-blue with grey velvet facings and sleeve bars (four bars, representing his presidential rank, instead of the three denoting his doctorate), and the Moravian hood lined with navy blue satin with a grey chevron.

In the News

The installation of President Grigsby was featured in several local media outlets:

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Smile on 1, 2, 3!

Here are few photo galleries of the College's Inaugural festivities:

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