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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 4/29/14
Fitzsimmons stands at a podium in a PPHAC lecture hall.

ABOVE: During his Organizational Behavior and Leadership course last week, Nick Fitzsimmons ’14 presented his ePortfolio before four seasoned professionals, including two members of the College’s Joint Board of Trustees.


ePortfolio Presentations Bring Resumes to Life

Panelists Provide Professional Guidance in College’s Management Course

Standing at 6-foot, 3 inches tall, Nick Fitzsimmons ’14, a business management major and former Moravian football offensive lineman, undoubtedly has a presence. However, the senior wasn’t blocking would-be tacklers last week, he was presenting before four seasoned professionals, including two members of the College’s Joint Board of Trustees. The outcome? Another solid drive toward gainful employment.

As part of the College’s Organizational Behavior and Leadership course, taught by Katie P. Desiderio, assistant professor of management, Fitzsimmons and his classmates made ePortfolio presentations to different panels of professionals April 22 and 24. The course’s presentations continue with two sessions this week. Each student was allotted 10-12 minutes to highlight their ePortfolios, which consist of information regarding achievements, experience and self-assessments. A short critique from on-hand panelists followed.

The distinguished panelists on April 24, who critiqued Fitzsimmons and company, included Andy Hart ’90 and Robert Schoenen, both College Trustees, as well as Wayne Ogorzalek and Borko Milosev ’04. The foursome’s advice for Fitzsimmon was to maintain his personality, which they enjoyed, but balance it with a more straight-forward approach when discussing his work experience.

Fitzsimmons relished the opportunity to present before the panel and noted that having an ePortfolio will be an “effective tool to further market my personal brand.”

“E-Portfolios transcend resumes by displaying the personality of the person, and not just their educational, professional and extra-curricular experiences,” he explained. “This was extremely helpful for me because my personable and enthusiastic personality is something I would like to market to employers. I was able to present my sense of humor to the panelists, and they told me this was a very effective communication style as long as I stay within the realm of professionalism.”

Del Casale stands at a podium giving her presentation. The four panelists sit in the first row of the PPHAC lecture hall.

ABOVE: Thanks to her ePortofolio presentation, Claire Del Casale ’15 received an inside look as to how potential employers might view her.

ABOVE: Andy Hart '90 (left), Borko Milosev ’04, Wayne Ogorzalek and Robert Schoenen all served as professional panelists for the class April 24. Hart and Schoenen are both College Trustees.

Claire Del Casale ’15, a fellow business management major, also got an inside look as to how potential employers might view her professionally. In their critique, panelists positively noted Del Casale’s travels abroad were an area of strength, while recommending a few areas for her to tighten up in her delivery. With more than a year before she’ll officially enter the job market, the junior can now adjust her ePortfolio accordingly.

Desiderio commended the Career Center, Center for Leadership and Service, Trustees and Institutional Advancement Office for making the presentations and panels a reality. “It is a great example of how our community can come together to provide students experiential learning opportunities on campus,” she said. “I am so grateful to have such great community partners.”

This is the second year Desiderio has administered this exercise with her Organizational Behavior and Leadership course, and she fully expects to present and expand the ePortfolio experience in spring 2015.

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