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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 4/29/14
Dave Coulier poses for a photograph with Moravian College undergraduates.

ABOVE: David Coulier, best known for portraying Joey Gladstone on Full House, performed on campus April 23. The event was presented by IMPACT. (Photos courtesy of Dick Claussen)


Cut, It, Out! David Coulier Cracks Up Campus

Kyle Vargo '15 Welcomes Back Full House's Joey Gladstone

By Kyle Vargo ’15

David Coulier, where have you been?

It seems like an eternity since the actor and comedian was last seen on Full House playing Joey Gladstone, a quirky, fun-loving comedian remembered by viewers for his vocal impersonations that ranged from cartoon character to celebrity alike. His show at Moravian was no different, again, with peers wondering: David Coulier, where have you been? To many, he has been gone since his tenure on Full House, but the truth is just like his character Joey Gladstone he always had that comedic spirit.

On April 23, students and the campus community packed Johnston Hall to see the comedian. Coulier was set up to perform in prior weeks, but he had to reschedule – a wait that was well worth it, thanks to Moravian College’s IMPACT's accommodations and the performance.

Coulier’s show contained everything an audience expects from him: impersonation, charm and a quirky personality, the three so interwoven together that it appeared more like crafty charm and wit than anything else. Although slow at the start, his enthusiastic tales and personal anecdotes about his technology-savvy, “tired” son were perfect for his modern audience. His stories were relatable and resonated with us all – proven by contagious laughter. When needed, his impersonations complimented the stories or served as a key element to the punch line. Just picture Arnold Schwarzeneggar saying, “More chilly,” and it's hard not to snicker.

Coulier signs a student's shirt, which has a drawing of his face. Coulier stands against a white wall.

ABOVE: There was a papable excitement on campus to see former Full House star David Coulier last week.

ABOVE: Coulier's act wasn't as innocent as Joey Gladstone's might have been, but it was just as enjoyable, says Kyle Vargo.

The night went quickly, his lines delivered efficiently, even the improvised ones. It's one thing to pick out a member of the audience and use them for a bit, but to continuously make use of why he singled them out to begin with and relate it to later material reinforces Coulier’s clever banter.

Often, Coulier referenced his appearance on Full House and indifference to being a celebrity, though his show expresses how far he's come since his most known time on television. This was not the seemingly innocent Joey Gladstone. He had more ambiguous bits and stepped near that invisible line comedians are aware of: when does a joke become offensive or funny? Of course, as we expected, Coulier was spot on and kept us cheering and wanting for more. He may not be on our television regularly and disappeared from pop culture, but his comedy talents still resonate today. Welcome back.

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