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e-Newsletter of the Moravian College Campus Community 05/21/15

ABOVE: Justin Pilchman '15 was accepted to all seven law schools he applied to. He will attend Temple University this fall.


Important Faculty Relationships, Small Class Sizes Poise Moravian College Undergraduates for Bright Futures in Graduate School

By Andrew Mengel ‘17

After the commencement ceremony on May 16th, many Moravian College graduates are preparing to transition from the classroom to the workplace. However, for some students this was just the first step in their higher education as they embark to graduate school.

One such student is Justin Pilchman ‘15 from Newtown, Pennsylvania. The sociology major and political science and ethics minor researched law schools across the country before applying to seven respected programs at Temple University, Penn State University, Marquette University, Syracuse University, Seton Hall University, Drexel University and Duquesne University. As most graduate students did, he categorized his applications as his “safe” and “reach” choices, school’s with good law reputations, and even applied to some that he didn’t visit. When it came down to acceptance letters, Pilchman received congratulations letters from all seven schools that he applied to.

One might think that a transition from a small liberal arts college to a large university with over 34,000 students would be daunting, but Justin commends Moravian for preparing him for this transition.

“Since Moravian is a smaller college it gave me the opportunity to build relationships with my professors. These relationships gave me the confidence to speak publicly and talk at a higher intellectual level,” he said.

Nicole Tabor, associate professor of English, Daniel Jasper, associate professor of sociology, are two faculty members that were especially helpful to Pilchman during his rigorous essay-writing process. Pilchman said that when he went into their offices for help they both gave personable advice that made his essays standout; Tabor helped him craft an essay with enough uniqueness to stand out among other applicants, while Jasper gave the essay a keen sociological standpoint.

Pilchman started his career at the College as a student athlete, excelling on the baseball team and in the classroom. His time on the team taught him discipline organization, and top-notch time management skills. When he wasn’t snagging fly balls in the outfield or traveling with the team, he secured a spot on the Dean’s List for eight semesters. He also did an internship during his sophomore year at a firm in Washington D.C., while taking classes at American University.

After much deliberation, Pilchman will attend Temple University’s Beasley School of Law in the fall. Temple University’s law program offers flexibility to students when exploring the different branches of law, a journey he is excited to take. Although he thinks this step in his academic career will be a challenge, it’s nothing his time as a student athlete at Moravian College didn’t prepare him for. “If I can get through taking five classes, studying for the LSAT, and playing baseball at the same time, I can get through the first semester of law school,” he said.

Moravian is known for its small classroom sizes and numerous opportunities for professional insight from professors. Elias Hasenecz ‘15 will head to the University of Iowa in the fall for a Ph D. in Chemistry. He also praises the College’s intimate academic culture.

“The small, close knit community of Moravian College allowed me to build a strong relationship with my professors and peers during my time here. In addition, the ability to work with faculty on research projects both in class and independently was a great experience. I believe these experiences have given me both collaborative and leadership skills needed to succeed in graduate studies,” said Elias.

Our faculty is also incredibly prolific in their own research, often extending that to their students. "The experiences I had while at Moravian, specifically completing a SOAR project working with a research institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh and being a part of the Honors program, helped to prepare me to begin a PhD program at Duke University," said Emily Lambright '15, who will attend Duke University to study public policy and economics.

Whether they choose the professional route or are moving on to even higher education, Greyhounds are sent out into the world with the confidence, leadership, and intellect to succeed in any real world situation.

“[Moravian] teaches you to be humble, to embrace success, but not be content with it,” said Pilchman.

Here are some of the recent graduates who will take their talents to the graduate level:

Emily Lambright ‘15 Duke University, Public Policy and Economics
Elias Hasenecz ‘15 University of Iowa, Chemistry
Elizabeth Mack ‘15 Johns Hopkins, Biochemical Science
David Yerger ‘15 University of Florida, Mathematical
Caroline Bartulovich ‘15 Lehigh University, Chemistry
Caitlin Hyland ‘15 Lehigh University, Cell and Molecular Biology
Alecis Cowen ‘15 University of Pennsylvania, Cell and Molecular Biology
Victoria E. Rubial ‘15 Kutztown University, Higher Education- SA Admin
Kristin Beutler ‘15 University of Pittsburgh, Library Science
Alyssa Tallon ‘15 Fairleigh Dickinson University, Clinical Mental Health
Sam Boyer ‘15 Moravian College, Supply Chain Management
Chelsea Kaufman ‘15 Yale University, Archeological Studies
Adam Ghoweri ‘15 University of Kentucky, Anatomy and Neurobiology
Vincent Confalone ‘15 University of Vermont, Counseling Psychology
Kathleen Sicinski ‘15 Tufts University, Chemistry
Cayley Wise ‘15 Temple University, Social Work
Christopher Ossont ‘15 Shippensburg University, Counseling
Justin Pilchman ’15 Temple University, Law
Destiny Sharack ‘15 Fordham University, Social Work
John Wright ‘15 New York University

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