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Two Local Professors to Present “Paths to Sustainability” at Moravian College

BETHLEHEM, PA., February 17, 2017- Dr. Tom Egan from Moravian College and Dr. Christopher Borick from Muhlenberg College will present “Paths to Sustainability: The Tellus Institute’s Scenarios” on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Haupert Union Building, UBC room, on Moravian College’s Main Street Campus.

“It is important that people in all economic strata around the globe become more aware of the peril the planet faces,” commented Dr. Tom Egan, Professor in the Economics and Business Department at Moravian College. “Efforts like those by the Tellus Institute help explain the dire consequences for all if they don't support sustainable paths.”

According to the presenters, a "sustainable" path for nature that includes human, plant and animal survival with an acceptable quality of life for all will require humanity to collectively accomplish the near simultaneous achievement of climate stability, population stability, economic justice, biodiversity preservation, and global governance —all within a 100 years.

The goal of presentation is to present alternative options, as many of the current recommended solutions are, according to the presenters, too partial, localized, and lacking in implementation impetus, given the gravity and time urgency of the global challenge facing the human race.

Dr. Tom Egan teaches Economics and Business Management at Moravian College and in the MBA program. His longstanding interests include energy and environmental economics topics and the role the federal government plays in nurturing innovation and promoting economic growth. Dr. Christopher Borick is a Professor of Political Science at Muhlenberg College and has taught and published on issues related to environmental policy and climate change. He is the Director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion and is a nationally recognized public opinion researcher who has conducted over 250 large-scale public opinion surveys during the past fifteen years.

Event information: “Paths to Sustainability: The Tellus Institute’s Scenarios”

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