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MU Spotlight: Community Partner Spotlight: Camelot for Children

Camelot for Children


Community Partner Spotlight: Camelot for Children

Tell us about your organization and its mission.

Camelot for Children is a non-profit organization providing year-round social and educational opportunities to children with disabilities and chronic or terminal illnesses in a supportive, developmentally appropriate, enriching environment in order to make the magic of childhood accessible to children with unique needs.

What is the role of your organization?

Our roles are to facilitate developing the most natural and safe environment for our Camelot Children to interact. We do this through group events, summer camp and special events.  Additionally, we support over 150 high school volunteers to learn about how our differences are not so different.  We do this through modeling, education and fostering a safe environment for them to learn and grow as young adults.  Many of them go onto college to major in helping fields or non-profits.  Finally, a large on-going role is to facilitate positive relationships throughout our community through fundraising, grants and community outreach. 

What projects were completed on Heritage Day? How did volunteers on Heritage Day support your work?

We had an amazing demonstration of help from the students of Moravian University!  They were all pleasant, fun and engaged in helping us improve our campus.  Recently, Camelot for Children has undergone tremendous restructuring.  The organization is 30 years old and exists in a house.  Like any home over time, things collect and need attention.  The Moravian volunteers were essential to us to achieve the last stages of our clean-out.  Within 90 minutes, they managed to fill an enormous dumpster with everything from a broken hockey table to broken-down yard equipment.  We can now turn over a new leaf and look towards a bright future.

My favorite spot in Bethlehem is ______.

Running along the river by Sand Island; Main Street during the holidays.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I am truly blessed to have this job. The top of the list is interacting with the all the kids...both our Camelot children and the volunteers.  I love all the challenges that we face to re-organize such a special commodity in the Lehigh Valley.  I have lived all over and practiced as a pediatric OT.  I have never encountered a place like Camelot.

How does Moravian University support your mission?

Moravian and Camelot are growing a lovely relationship.  We thoroughly enjoyed the volunteers for Heritage Day.  We have recently submitted internship opportunities for any students interested in learning about working with our population and/or working in non-profit settings.

How can Moravian University—and the greater community—be more involved with your organization?

We would welcome students to come and spend time with us at our events, or during our work week to learn about what we do and how we do it.  We welcome interns and externs. I think our greatest unknown asset is our commitment to our next generation's philanthropic spirit.  Seeing students growing from giving is truly rewarding.    

What is the biggest challenge your organization faces?

Raising the funds we need to be financially sustainable and make critical improvements on our campus in order to continue to provide superior opportunities for our families.          

What is the biggest challenge your organization faces?

Updated, accessible facilities. Consistent financial support and service support from our community. Continuing to grow in our ability to better reach and support children and families in our community that meet our mission and vision.