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Moravian College Spotlight 20/20: LaKeisha Thorpe

MC Spotlight 20/20

Dr. LaKeisha Thorpe

What is your role at the College and what is something many may not know about the work you do?

I help students. That's it, folks, that's the punch line. Something many may not know about the work I do with my students? Well, as Assistant Dean of Graduate and Adult Studies I help turn fear into hope; I help turn tears into smiles; I help APA feel less scary. Also, I can help you to understand the Marvel Universe, you know, if you're into that sort of thing.

My favorite spot on campus is ______ because ______.

My favorite spot on campus is the 1742 Lounge (first floor of Benigna Hall). It's comfortable and homey, plus we throw fairly epic parties.

My favorite College tradition is ______ because ______.

My favorite College tradition is Heritage Day. Granted, it is a new tradition, but it is one that has allowed us all to reach into the community and give back—truly give back. Giving back is everything.

I gave and/or received a MoPaw to/from ______ and it made me smile because ______.

I received a MoPaw anonymously. All it said was my name and then the word ‘valued!’ and it made me smile. Not every workday is a successful one, but with one word I was reminded that all of my time and effort culminates into something positive and valuable. Positive and valuable most importantly for our students, but also for those of us who work day in and day out to ensure that our long-term goals are met. By the way, to the sender of that MoPaw: thank you, I value you, too!

I like the color ______ because ______.

I ADORE the color purple because it’s stunning, at one time it was reserved for royalty, and seeing it truly lifts my spirits.

When I grow up, I want to be ______ because ______.

When I grow up? I don't understand. Please repeat the question. *smile* In many ways, growing up kills off the best thing about being alive—creativity. Rather than grow up, I'd just rather be creative forever.

Who is your hero? Why?

I have several: every ancestor who contributed to who I would become. They dealt with many a hardship in order for me to freely walk the path I have chosen. They weren’t deterred and I can’t be either. Their perseverance is my motivator and I am their dream. Heroes—each and every one of them.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

The five most vital pieces of advice I have been blessed to receive are …
My grandmother always tells me: What is for you is for you, God has decided it, no one can take it.
My mom always tells me: You’re not a refrigerator; hold nothing for anyone, save nothing for anyone, if you hold anything for too long, it will spoil.
My dad always tells me: Just keep on keeping on, every morning brings the dawn.
Dr. A.D. Carson told me: Write what you like, protect the diaspora.
Dr. Patricia Leavy told me: Your research methodology won’t always be respected, but you and your ideals will always be valid.

I can never resist a good ______.

I can never resist a good quote from a movie. Two of my most recent favorites:
“We are who they grow beyond.” – Master Yoda, The Last Jedi
“Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.” – Shuri, Black Panther

What makes you happy?

Laughter, being creative, purple things, the beach, the fact that I can still hug my parents—if those things aren't joy, I can't imagine what joy might be.