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MU Spotlight: Richard Krohn

Moravian University Spotlight 20/20: Richard Krohn

MU Spotlight 20/20

Richard Krohn

What is your role at the University and what is something many may not know about the work you do?

I teach economics, Spanish for Nurses, First Year Writing Seminar, and I am academic mentor/advisor for the tennis teams.

My favorite spot on campus is ______ because ______.

My favorite spot is the area surrounded by Comenius, Memorial, Monocacy, and Zinzendorf because that feels like the "intimate," historic heart of the Main Campus.

Richard Krohn

My favorite College tradition is ______ because ______.

My favorite college tradition is not a particular, named event, but rather the "tradition" (habit) of students holding doors open for others and for me, and greeting me as I go across campus: very "small college" and Moravian, in the best sense.

One thing that many of my colleagues don’t know about me outside of my Moravian University responsibilities is ______. I am sharing this with you because ______.

FOUR things: Though I presently teach economics, Spanish, and FYWS, my doctorate is in American Studies (interdisciplinary history). I am an active poet, with about 70 to 75 published poems. I was a soccer goalie in college. I used to do a lot of acting (on stage).

My typical weekend would go something like this:

Going to an inexpensive ethnic restaurant; taking a long bike ride (weather permitting!) or jog; and definitely doing The New York Times Sunday puzzles—the math-oriented ones and verbal ones, especially the cryptic puns and anagrams!

When I grow up, I want to be ______ because ______.

I want to be even more than smart or accomplished in any particular field, I want to be wise and kind, in general and as a professor. At the same time, I recognize that I am not fully "grown up," that I have inclinations and little "voices" from childhood, good and not, and maybe even a bit of rebelliousness that keeps me from being fully grown up.

Who is your hero? Why?

I shy away from the word "hero," but I absolutely admire too many people to list, contemporary and historical. For presidents, that would be Obama and Lincoln. Also, every woman who has done her best with child-bearing and childcare is in many ways an enduring, under-recognized (s)hero, as are the millions who have heroically endured hardships and cruelties. Thus, it's hard to name names!

What is your favorite ice cream?


I can never resist a good ______.


What makes you happy?

Many things, of course, but even at age 68 I love how students look when they realize that they are learning something.