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Moravian College
Nursing and Public Health

Note From the Chair


The future of health care here in the United States, and perhaps globally, hinges upon ensuring the delivery of evidence-based, quality nursing care and developing robust public health initiatives. There is no better place to study nursing and public health than here at Moravian College. Indeed, our graduates are poised to forge the future of health care, and may even be the ones who fix our fragmented health care system!  

Each of our undergraduate and graduate programs is enriched by our liberal arts educational mission. Our students are challenged to think critically, write cogently, speak persuasively, design projects collaboratively, and engage in discourse respectfully. Our students are not only challenged in the classroom – they have unparalleled opportunities to learn in a wide variety of hospital-based and outpatient clinical settings throughout the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, as well as globally, in Honduras and Australia. We are blessed to have a preferential relationship with St. Luke’s University Health Network, and our students take full advantage of learning in many of St. Luke’s U. S. News & World Report-ranked facilities. 

Students in our undergraduate pre-licensure nursing major log over 1000 clinical practicum hours during their years of study here – and begin their clinically-based coursework first semester sophomore year!  Our educational mission cannot be achieved without our incredibly gifted faculty. We not only have the highest number of doctorally-prepared faculty in the region, we also boast faculty with a wide range of clinical expertise and specialty certifications. I invite you to consider learning the art and science of healing with us.

Come to campus for a visit and see what we can offer to you!

Kerry H. Cheever, PhD, RN
Professor & Chairperson
Helen S. Breidegam School of Nursing