Online Education & Innovation

Online teaching Faculty Mentors

Our online teaching faculty mentors are experienced online instructors who have agreed to be a part of a community of shared online resources and information. If you are looking for guidance in a particular online issue for your course design, in addition to contacting our instructional designers, David Casteneda and Sarah Renze, or Instructional technologist, Liz Tate, you may also reach out to some of our experienced online teaching faculty members. 

Robert Brill | Associate Professor of Psychology
      Office location: Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex, Room 225
      Office phone: 610-861-1561

Kelly Denton-Borhaug  | Professor of Global Religions 
      Co-director, Peace and Justice Studies Minor
      Executive Director, InFocus Centers of Investigation
      Office location: Comenius Hall, Room 109
      Office phone: 610-625-7104

Katie Desiderio | Associate Professor of Management 
      Executive Director, Graduate Business Programs
      Office location: Comenius Hall, Room 202
      Office phone: 610-861-1376
Cecilia M. Fox | Professor of Biological Science 
      Director of Neuroscience Program
      Office location: Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex, Room 220
      Office phone: 610-861-1426

Kathleen Gray | Associate Professor of Practice in Nursing 
       Office location: Sally Miksiewicz Center, Room 243
       Office phone: 610-625-7736

Karen Groller | Assistant Professor of Nursing and Public Health
      Office location: Sally Miksiewicz Center, Room 308
      Office phone: 610-625-7767 

D. Mark Harris | Faculty Advisor to The Comenian
     English Department
     Office location: Zinzendorf, Room 201
     Office phone: 610-625-7113

Camille Murphy | Assistant Professor of Art & Head,
     Graphic and Interactive Design Track
     Office location: South Hall, Room 3
     Office Phone: 610-861-1687

Arash Naraghi | Associate Professor of Philosophy
     Office location: Comenius Hall, Room 106
     Office phone: 610-625-7835

Jennifer Ostrowski | Associate Professor of Athletic Training
     Office location: Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, Room 235
     Office phone: 610-625-7203

Debra Torok | Artist-Lecturer of Music and Adjunct Professor of Art
     Office location: Brethren's House, Room 119
     Office phone: 610-861-1624 
     Teaching:Artists as Activists