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Moravian College

Online Card Office Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the money going that is charged to my credit card?

The money is deposited in the student’s M-Flex account. M-Flex is a declining balance account that can be used for making purchases in the Bookstore, Dining Services, or paying for certain College sponsored events. M-Flex provides a convenient way of budgeting your funds and making purchases throughout the semester without having to carry cash.

Q: How much money should I deposit into the M-Flex account?

Consider your needs for the semester. Textbooks and supplies for a full-time student average between $400-$500 for a semester. If you subscribe to a meal plan, M-Flex is a way of funding additional meals. It is also a convenient way of putting aside funds for in-between meals, snacks, or that late night pizza.

Q: How secure is my M-Flex account?

The M-Flex account is a function of the Moravian College student ID card. Since the student’s picture is on the card, and the card is required to make purchases, it is unlikely that another person could access funds on the account. Lost cards can be deactivated immediately by calling Campus Safety 24X7 at (610) 861-1421.

Q: How do I know the funds have been posted to the M-Flex account?

M-Flex account balances can be provided by any cashier in the Blue & Grey Café in the Haupert Union Building or the Office of Student Accounts in Colonial Hall or by logging into OneWeb.

Q: Can I view the balance of my M-Flex account online?

Yes. Balances can be obtained by logging into OneWeb. To log in use your NETID, which is LASTNAMEFIRSTINITIAL@MORAVIAN.EDU, and your AMOS password.

Q: Who is eligible to use an M-Flex account?

Any Moravian College student with a valid student ID card is eligible to use their M-Flex account. This account is established when the ID card is produced.

Q: When are the funds available for use when deposits are made to the M-Flex account?

The funds are immediately available for use.

Q: What credit cards to you accept?

VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Q: How do I get a refund of amounts posted to the M-Flex account?

Refunds are given upon graduation or withdrawal from the College.

Q: Can students withdraw cash from M-Flex accounts?


Q: Who do I call if I still have more questions?

Call the Office of Student Accounts at (610) 861-1334 or e-mail