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Moravian College
Office of the Provost

Concurrent Enrollment

Moravian College’s Concurrent Enrollment Program is designed to provide rising and current high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to take a college course at Moravian College. This allows students to get ahead and save money by earning college credit at a discounted tuition rate ($400 per credit, plus any fees). Contact Alyson Remsing, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment, at (610) 861-1328 or with any questions.

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Course Requirements

All concurrent enrollment students are expected to meet course requirements as if they were Moravian College students. This means students must be present for classes and will need to purchase the required textbooks and complete all curriculum assignments.

Note: All summer 2020 courses will be online.

How to Apply

If you’re a rising or current high school junior or senior who is interested in taking classes at Moravian, you should fill out our online application and submit your high school transcript. After your application is reviewed, you will receive notification from Alyson Remsing, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment. Instructions for enrolling and a confirmation form will be sent to you. The confirmation form must be returned to the Moravian College Admission Office in order to register for a course.

Application Deadlines

Application for summer courses should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the session start date. Please submit your application no later than:

Term Application Deadline
May Term May 6, 2020
Summer I May 15, 2020
Summer II June 26, 2020

Available Courses

Moravian College is offering a variety of courses for the Summer I and Summer II sessions this year. Please note that space is limited, so register soon to claim your spot.


  • ART 113: Art History Survey: Caves to Cathedrals
  • ART 142: Visual Foundations: Composition, Color and Design
  • ART 170: Drawing I
  • ART 192: Introduction to Animation
  • ART 222: African Art
  • ART 229: Modern Art
  • ART 268: Digital Photography


  • ENGL 101: American Literature: Gangster Film
  • ENGL 101: American Literature: Disney Ecologies
  • ENGL 212: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 242: Environmental Writing
  • ENGL 264: Dying to Go Green: The Green Burial Movement


  • HIST 116: Medieval Europe Public


  • HLTP 193: Health and Housing


  • MATH 106: Calculus with Review I
  • MATH 107: Elementary Statistics
  • MATH 166: Calculus with Review II
  • MATH 170: Calculus I


  • MUS 117: Music in the United States


  • PHIL 281: Topics in Ethics: Should We Fear Death?

Political Science

  • POSC 115: International Politics


  • PSYC 105: Psychology of Human Adjustment
  • PSYC 120: Introduction to Psychology


  • REL 136: Women, Religion & Film


  • SOC 115: Introductory Sociology


  • SPAN 100: Introductory Spanish I
  • SPAN 105: Introductory Spanish II