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Moravian College

Welcome Dr. Dietlinde Heilmayr and Dr. Seth Finkle

Dr. Dietlinde Heilmayr- Health Psychology 

Dietlinde Heilmayr received her B.A. from Hendrix College, and her Ph.D. in social and personality psychology with an emphasis in health from the University of California, Riverside.

After receiving her undergraduate degree, Heilmayr_0.jpgDr. Heilmayr spent a year in AmeriCorps as a gardening and nutrition instructor—an impetus for her to attend graduate school to study community gardening as a health intervention. Consequently, Dr. Heilmayr’s research broadly focuses on holistic health interventions; more specifically, she studies how and why community gardening promotes social, mental, and physical health. She is also interested in how community gardens can be used to advance sustainability and food security. Dr. Heilmayr teaches a variety of courses, including Health Psychology and Experimental Methods and Data Analysis, and was the recipient of the Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award in 2017. Dr. Heilmayr regularly presents at national conferences, and has published several encyclopedia and handbook chapters.

Dr. Seth Finkle- Adjunct Professor