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Moravian College
Residence Life and Housing

COVID-19 Housing Information


Residents are encouraged to have multiple masks and a personal use thermometer. If possible, residents should have hand sanitizer, wipes, and household sanitizing materials for their space and personal use. The College provides sanitizing supplies in areas across campus including classrooms and meetings spaces, but it is helpful for residents to also have some of their own. 

The COVID Residence Hall Expectations  outline visitation as well as when residents may unmask in the residence hall. Residence Life Staff have been trained on these expectations and review them with residents. Residents need to take personal responsibility, as well as hold each other to these standards, for the health and safety of our community.

Additional information is available within the frequently asked questions document. 


Common areas are currently closed. 

When open and accessible, these space should not exceed the number of residents listed below:

  • Bernhardt-Wilhelm - 3 residents in upper main lounge (near kitchen); 4 residents on lower level of main lounge (near fireplace); 2 residents on mezzanine loft of main lounge
  • Clewell - 2 residents in the ground floor lounge; 1 resident in the smaller lounges
  • Jo Smith - 6 residents in ground floor lounge, 6 residents in first floor main lounge; 1 resident in common lounge at end of each hallway
  • Main - 7 residents in 1st floor President’s Lounge and 6 residents in ground floor lounge
  • Nitschmann - 6 residents in 1st floor lounge and 1 resident in common lounge with kitchen on each floor
  • Rau-Hassler - 22 residents in 1st floor main lounge and 14 residents in ground floor lounge
  • Spangenberg - 1 resident in 1st floor lounge area and 1 resident in ground floor lounge