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Moravian College
Residence Life and Housing

Student Housing FAQs for Fall 2020

Can I return to resident status later this year or next year if I initially want to be a commuter?

Students may choose to change their status from residential to commuter until they feel more comfortable residing on campus. A commuter student is always welcome to become or return to being a resident student. Students interested in changing their status once the semester begins should email and we will work to accommodate your request as soon as possible.

My roommate decided to relocate to a single room or become a commuter. Will I be assigned a new roommate?

The Office of Housing will provide the remaining resident an opportunity to pull in a new roommate. 

If the current resident does not identify a new roommate, one will not be assigned to the space.

Furniture will not be removed from residence hall rooms with one occupant. 

Can I change my status to off-campus?

The Office of Housing continues to utilize the off-campus waitlist throughout the summer for students who applied for off-campus housing earlier this year. However, the number of students being released off-campus has not been adjusted. 

Students living off-campus should review their lease agreement and understand their financial responsibilities, which may differ from the College’s flexibility regarding room adjustments. 

Off-campus residents wanting to adjust their residency status to resident or commuter may do so by contacting

I am interested in a single room. Can I indicate where I prefer to live?

Residents requesting a change from a double room to a single room were able to place that request via AMOS in June 2020. If a student is now interested, contact We will try to accommodate, but cannot guarantee, building or community preferences. In the era of COVID-19, we are doing everything that we can to accommodate student preferences. We appreciate your understanding!

If I do not live on campus for the fall semester, can my room assignment be held for the spring semester?

Students that do not reside in housing for the fall will not be able to reserve that space until the spring semester. The remaining roommate or suitemate(s) may choose to pull-in other students of their choice or opt to have that space as a single room for the fall semester, if it is a double room. By reserving spaces for students who plan to return to housing, it does not allow the remaining roommate the ability identify a new roommate if they find a student they connect with and would like to live with.

If I choose not to live in housing for the fall, how do I register for housing for the spring semester?

We welcome full-time students to housing at any point, as space permits. This can occur during the semester or at the start of a new semester. Later in the fall, Housing will reach out to students who changed status over the summer regarding their spring plans. Students can also email with their specific housing preferences and needs. 

Is housing guaranteed for the spring semester? 

Moravian College guarantees housing to full-time undergraduate students for four years. In light of COVID-19, housing policies have been adjusted regarding single room selection and the flexibility to change residency status to meet the needs of our students and their families. Housing will be provided in the spring as space permits.

Are visitors permitted in my residence hall room?

Residence hall visitation and access is outlined in the COVID Residence Hall expectations

Are residents permitted to leave campus? 

A resident's ability to leave campus is not restricted, but all individuals should try to limit their contacts. Residents should be mindful of coming and going, as well as limit this activity, as much as possible.

How will a housing-related medical accommodation impact my ability to transition from a double to a single room?

The Office of Housing will work closely with the Accessibility Services Center (ASC) to ensure all housing-related medical accommodations are met regardless of room type selection. Questions regarding accommodations should be directed to

Will I receive a refund if I am not able to live on campus?

Refunds of room charges will not be made once classes begin. If, however, the College is unable to open the residence halls and student dining venues before classes begin, all room and board fees will be returned to the student. Once classes have started, it is possible that, for the health and safety of the faculty, staff and students, the College may decide, or is required to close the residence halls, requiring students to vacate the campus prior to the end of semester. In this circumstance, while room contracts are non-refundable, the college will provide some form of financial relief to all students who have unused portions of their room and board plans.   Financial relief will only be provided to those whose student account is in good standing.