Environmental Policy Expert Eban Goodstein to Speak April 20

Earth matters at Moravian. To promote sustainability and celebrate Earth Day on campus, the College will host a series of green events throughout April, culminating with a free public presentation, “Reconciling the Science and Economics of Climate Change,”  by Eban Goodstein, director of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy, on April 20.

“He’s a very dynamic and motivational speaker,” said Sonia Aziz, assistant professor of economics and a member of the Moravian Sustainability Committee. “He believes it is possible to change the world through large-scale actions on a policy level, and he will motivate you to believe the same.” Aziz participated in a teach-in conducted by Goodstein last year at the Bard Center.

The Earth Matters events series is sponsored by the Moravian College Sustainability Committee and Environmental Coalition (ECO). April event highlights include:

  • Monday, April 11, “Trash on the Patio.” ECO will go dumpster diving (with the help of the Facilities department) to collect a day’s worth of trash from one residence hall to be displayed on the patio outside of PPHAC. “It’s one thing to tell people about their impact. ECO wants people to see it,” said Caiti Campbell ’13, ECO publicist and a member of the Sustainability Committee. “We especially want to show, apart from the volume of waste, how much could have been recycled.” Beginning at 10: 00 a.m., ECO members will be sorting through the trash and talking to passersby. ECO members also plan to sell Inkblot shirts to help raise funds for attending a PowerShift rally in Washington, D.C. 
  • Thursday, April 14, Recyclable Art Contest in the HUB lounge, 11:45 a.m.- 1 p.m. Students are invited to enter their creations made from trash. Cash prizes will be awarded—$75 (first), $50 (second), and $25 (third place). Or, come and enter the 5-minute challenge: create art on the spot using the materials provided.
  • Wednesday, April 20, “Reconciling the Science and Economics of Climate Change,” a lecture by Eban Goodstein, director of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy, Prosser Auditorium in the HUB, 7:00 p.m. Free and open to the public. Goodstein directs two national educational initiatives on global warming and has coordinated climate education events at over 2500 colleges, universities, high schools, and other institutions across the country. Goodstein is the author of several books and numerous articles. His research has been featured in The New York Times, Scientific American, Time, Chemical and Engineering News, The Economist, USA Today, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. The lecture is sponsored the Moravian College environmental studies and sciences program (through a grant from the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation) and the Moravian Department of Economics. An organic dinner, created by Chef Chad, will be served in marketplace that evening, as well.
  • Thursday, April 21, Earth Day tree planting on the Hurd campus, 11:30 a.m., accompanied by music and prayer.
  • Sunday, April 30, bike and canoe trip. Sponsored by ECO; a bike and canoe trip at the Wildlands Conservancy, 12 noon.

Led by president Gina Seier ’13, ECO (formerly the Environmental Coalition) has taken an active role in planning Earth Matters events this year. “Yes, we want to address recycling and waste issues,” said Caiti Campbell, “but we also want to organize programs that get people thinking about the bigger picture and realize that sustainability isn’t just about the environment. To live as an environmentally responsible person doesn’t mean sacrificing. It means living in a way that’s good for you, your community, your wallet, and your environment.”