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Moravian College

Academic Associations



The goal of the various academic associations on campus is to expand on the knowledge learned in the classroom. These associations help students to better understand their field of interest through guest speakers, field trips, and other educational and fun programs. Furthermore, this additional exposure outside of the classroom helps to promote professional development and to create networking opportunities.

Accounting Club

The Moravian College Student Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (Accounting Club) was chartered on March 16, 1993 with 32 student members. The Moravian College Accounting Club regularly offers programs that assist students of all majors with career goals. Our mission is to sponsor events and activities that benefit the general campus by promoting a better understanding of accounting, finance and business in general. What makes the accounting club outstanding is its commitment to adopt challenging goals, to plan carefully for success, and to execute its plans vigorously. The club meets regularly and is committed to advancing the academic and professional careers of accounting students. Students better understand the accounting profession through guest speakers, field trips, and other programs. The club also helps non accounting students by giving them exposure to the business world and shows them how they can be successful in their future career through a number of talks relating to career opportunities.

President: Wendy V. Fomby 
Advisor: John Rossi

American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society is the student affiliate of the national society. The organization is responsible for arranging both guest and student lectures on campus, providing weekly peer tutoring, and organizing visits to local chemical industries in the surrounding region. Strong involvement with the local Lehigh Valley ACS section is encouraged to aid undergraduates in networking and other professional skills.

President: Sean Rossiter
Advisor: Dan Libby

Amrhein Investment Club

The Amrhein Investment Club provides students with unique hands-on experience in managing a portfolio valued at over $1.4 million. Members are divided into four funds, each with specific objectives, and are responsible for evaluating current holdings, monitoring domestic and foreign markets, conducting extensive research, as well as organizing buy/sell presentations. Each year, students are invited to share the club's performance at trustee meetings as well as various alumni events. To provide even broader exposure, Amrhein sponsors trips to New York City, annual shareholder meetings, as well as other venues of interest.

President: Olivia Pulsinelle
Advisor: Dan Libby

Art Club

The Art Club is dedicated to the appreciation, promotion, and creation of the visual arts through visits by artists, designers, photographers, curators and other arts professionals; visits to museums, galleries, and other sites; exhibitions of art at the H. Paty Eiffe Gallery in the HUB and on Hurd Campus; art workshops in a variety of media; and other opportunities. The art club meets regularly on South Campus to plan and discuss events.

Presidents: Johnny Haik
Co-Advisors: Jan Ciganick and Aron Johnson

Aspiring Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE)

Aspiring Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE) exists to provide an environment whereby students interested in business and associated disciplines can engage in discovery and growth, both as individuals and as aspiring professionals. Information pertaining to the fields of economics and business is obtained through involvement in this organization, along with participation in activities and events to improve the health of the community at large.

Our mission is to prepare members for the requirements of business endeavors, while cultivating humanism, professionalism, and ethical behavior through the employment of rich instruction, valuable resources, and structured mentorship. Club affiliates strive to involve members of the Moravian campus, Moravian alumni, and local community partners through sponsored events where members can obtain working knowledge of businesses and their processes. Through such experiences, we hope the members of ABLE, as well as the Moravian Community, will grow and develop a greater sense of appreciation and responsibility both for themselves and for others.

Past activities include: visiting Tiffany and Co. (hosted by Andy Hart, alumnus and member of Board of Trustees); touring Susquehanna Brewing Company, volunteering at the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (where members worked with group sales and events, in addition to promotional departments to understand how a baseball game is managed and staged); participating in student Organization Fairs; and providing financial support to the ODE dinner, SigEp Pig Roast, and Senior Toast.

President: Morgan LaPointe
Advisor: Katie Desiderio and Sabrina Terrizzi

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

The Association for Computing Machinery is the student chapter of the professional association that provides an opportunity for students interested in computer science and applications. The organization sponsors several events during the year, such as lectures and programming competitions. In recent years, it has also sent its own team to local and regional programming contests.

President: Anna Lamoureux
Advisor: Thyago Mota

Association for Computing Machinery - Women in Computing (ACM-W)

Moravian AC-W’s mission is to promote diversity within the field of Computer Science and promote the growth of computing in general. We also aim to run outreach programs that promote these goals. Finally, we aim to create a community on campus and in the Lehigh Valley.

President: Allison Samson
Advisor: Matthew Lang

BRAIN (Neuroscience Club)

BRAIN is an initiative for raising awareness about neurological issues, creating an understanding in neuroscience topics, participating in educational neuroscience initiatives for children, as well as engaging in interesting activities that promote the brain and neuroscience in general. Welcome to all students of all majors, especially those interested in neuroscience and psychology.

President: Adam Ghoweri
Advisor: Cecilia Fox

French Club

The French Club holds informal meetings and a weekly table française to offer students the opportunity to practice speaking French. The club has a French cuisine dinner every year, sees French plays and films, and visits exhibits of French art.

President: Melissa Walters
Advisor: Joanne McKeown

German Club

The German Club enables students interested in German language and culture to learn about and participate in German-themed events and activities. The Club sponsors campus-wide films and events, a weekly Kaffeeklatsch at the HUB, a monthly Stammtisch (dinner) at a local restaurant, and annual trips to places like New York, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. All interested students (whether German majors/minors or not) are encouraged to join!

President: Cory Creen
Advisor: Axel Hildebrandt

History Club

The History Club is for all students, not just history majors or minors, interested in the uses and facets of history and the historian’s craft. The club sponsors luncheons, lectures, movies, trips, and displays around campus.

President: Casey Hilferty
Advisor: Jamie Paxton

The Moravian College Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association (NAEA)

The purpose of the Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) is to build a sense of community in the Art Education Program at Moravian College. Another purpose is to bring together future art educators for meetings that provide professional development and networking opportunities. Students participate in activities such as: inviting professional art educators to give presentations about best practices in art education, art therapy, museum education, and studio artmaking methods; planning and attending field trips to museums and galleries; attending art education workshops at other institutions; making presentations at the Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA) annual conference; and developing a summer art camp for local children.

President: Nicole Clark
Advisor: Kristin Baxter

Moravian Mathematical Society

The Moravian Mathematical Society is the student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America. Activities enrich the mathematical experience at Moravian, provide information on careers in mathematics, and build community among students with lectures by guest speakers, presentations by students and faculty, problem contests, games, and trips. Open to all students with an interest in mathematics.

President: Alek Szilagyi
Advisor: Fred Schultheis

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club meets weekly throughout fall and spring semesters to explore different philosophical issues and topics in a friendly academic environment. Weekly paper presentations and directed discussions encourage students and faculty to develop their own ideas about the world around them and how philosophy can be applied to their lives.  Additionally, the club hosts the Lehigh Valley Undergraduate Philosophy Conference as part of their effort to show the community the benefits of philosophy beyond the Ivory Tower.  Above all, the Philosophy Club’s purpose is to show people that philosophy is not just an aloof and prudish discipline but an engaging aspect of intellectual culture in everyday life.

President: Jennifer Kober
Advisors: Arash Naraghi

Pre-Health Professions Club

The Pre-Health Professions Club informs those students interested in pursuing a career in the health professions with the following information: time line for their applications, choosing a health professions school or graduate program, financial assistance, careers in the health professions and other related topics. Furthermore, students in the club actively participate in community service events both on the campus and in the community.

President: Ghazal Stity
Advisor: Stephen Dunham

Pre-Law Club

The purpose of Pre-Law Club is to bring students together who share the interest of legal affairs.  We offer potential law students guidance throughout the process of preparing for law school.

President: Spencer Bahel-Mowrer
Advisor: James Ravelle

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club organizes workshops, seminars, and social affairs related to psychology in order to supplement classroom learning.

President: Dan Ferman and Brigid Walker
Advisor: Sarah Johnson

Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management is the student chapter of the national group for professionals in human resources (personnel). Membership includes students majoring in psychology, business, and economics, but all majors are welcome. Invited speakers, field trips, participation in human-resources competitions, and attendance at local professional meetings are some of the possible programs that allow students to interact and network with human-resource professionals in the Lehigh Valley and beyond and to assist students in becoming better acquainted with the field.

President: Nicholas Fitzsimmons
Advisor: Robert Brill and Katie P. Desiderio

Society of Physics Students

The Society of Physics Students at Moravian College strives to promote an interest in the physical sciences by engaging the student body of Moravian College, as well as the local community.  SPS sponsors Pizza Lectures, Keynote Speakers, and their annual Science Day outreach for high school students interested in mathematics and science.  Members of SPS receive a subscription to Physics Today, and are eligible to be inducted into the National Physics Honor Society, Sigma Pi Sigma.

President: Joshua Gonzalez
Advisor: Edward Roeder

Sociology Club 

The Sociology Club’s primary purpose is to promote intellectual involvement among students. A secondary purpose is to provide students with the opportunity of getting to know other students and professors who are interested in the field of sociology.

President: Megan Mummey 
Advisor: Virgina Adams O’Connell

Spanish Club

Spanish Club hosts numerous activities over the academic year that promote leadership, cooperation, and friendship through appreciation of Spanish and Latin American heritage, language, customs, art, music, and film. Activities include parties at the beginning and end of the year, food events like "Make Your Own Taco Night," and trips to Spanish or Latin American restaurants. Spanish club co-sponsors International Poetry night with other foreign language clubs as well as Spanish Table (Mesa de Español) with the Spanish department.

President: Frank Leon
Advisor: Claudia Mesa

Student Nurses Association (SNA)

The Student Nurses Association is a professional organization that strives for health promotion, community service, and building a solid nursing community on the Moravian College Campus. SNA provides numerous opportunities for growth and leadership through our multitude of community service hours, the mentorship program, and sending members to the national and state nurses association's conventions. Some of our community service events include a Halloween party and clothing drive for New Bethany Ministries, March of Dimes, Relay for Life, Easter egg hunt, Miracle League special needs baseball team, and many more. Moravian College Student Nurses Association ultimately provides the nursing student with a magnitude of opportunities to grow as students and leaders.

President: Kim Polanco
Advisors: Taylor Grube

Zinzendorf Society

The Zinzendorf Society creates experiences in writing and literature for the campus community, sponsors creative-writing workshops and poetry readings, and field trips of literary interest to area festivals and museums.

President: Patricia Lawlor
Advisor: Theresa Dougal